Inspiria FRESCO 2021 – Retro Vintage Thrill Amidst A Modern Setup

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Retro-vintage-themed celebration, new faces, bright smiles, and air of excitement! The freshers’ welcome party at Inspiria aka FRESCO 2021 took a nostalgic turn this year! No doubt, Freshers’ event is something that most of the freshers look forward to, and for the Inspirians, it’s not otherwise. A grand freshers’ welcome event was hosted to welcome the newcomers to the Inspirian family. This year, with the retro-vintage theme, the event evoked a unique and irresistible charm.

FRESCO 2021 was hosted on 17 December 2021 at the Campus amphitheater. Freshers showed up dressed in their best. The event began in the late afternoons. A mandatory welcome drink was served to all before entering the open-air amphitheater.

Though FRESCO or fresher’s welcome party is a one-day event, its essence is profound. It not only marks the beginning of a new journey for the newcomers, but it also fosters a better understanding and coordination among the newest and the senior-most students. The memories of the event will last for a lifetime. Thus, we at Inspiria, regard freshers’ welcome event or FRESCO as the celebration of cordial bonding of freshers and seniors.

Events like freshers’ welcome events help the Inspirians to explore their creative bent. It further acquaints them with the campus life and build confidence. The event had an array of activities like ramp walk, traditional, fusion, and western dance performances, songs, and music.

The seniors put on an invigorating show with a variety of spectacular performances and the freshers rocked the runway with their respective ramp partners. The evening glowed up with the music, stage performances, laughter, and excitement.

The highlight of the event was Mr. and Miss Fresher 2021. For the first time in the history of Inspiria, Mr. & Miss Fresher were crowned from the BCA Department.

Every element, from decorations to the dressing style echoed a retro-vintage touch. The concept of retro-vintage theme not only revived the air of euphoria, but it bestowed the Inspirians with an opportunity to unite, recreate and relive the nostalgic feeling of those bygone eras.

Inspirians enjoyed and captured the happy moments through their camera lens. The event created good memories for both the freshers and the seniors. FRESCO 2021 ended on a cheerful note with a sumptuous dinner for all.

Though freshers’ welcome event might resonate with the student-centric fest, our faculty members of Inspiria had a huge role in making FRESCO 2021 a success. Their active participation and guidance contributed to a great extent to the coordination and hosting of the event. In hindsight, the hard work, dedication, mutual support, and understanding amongst the students and faculty are the key factors that have contributed to the success of Inspiria FRESCO 2021.

One day, when the Inspirians would look back to 2021, they would surely be able to reminisce about the good happy times. Thanks to the resumption of on-campus learning and the unique concept for the theme! Though we are living amidst uncertain times, we hope for brighter times ahead. And going forward, we will continue to seize and celebrate every given opportunity.

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