Inspiria Trade Bustle 3.0: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills in Students Along With Fun

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As a college, Inspiria Knowledge Campus has always been known as an institution that encourages a student’s overall personality development rather than just academics. The mission statement of Inspiria is to provide employability and an entrepreneurial mindset. In the same vein, Inspiria has been organizing Trade Bustle for the past two years an entrepreneurship-focused program in which students get hands-on experience running a business. It is an annual business festival that lasts three days. The Inspiria Management Club organizes Inspiria Trade Bustle but the event is entirely in the hands of the students. They are entrusted with the task of selecting and running a business.

Inspiria Trade Bustle is a one-of-a-kind event that allows students to explore not only their business skills but also other talents. These skills include team spirit, time management, leadership quality, timeliness, and communication skills. During this event, students have the option of working in groups or independently. These groups can have two, three, or even more members. They are also given the freedom to choose the business they want to run. They can work in the apparel, food, electronics, and other product-related industries such as accessories, electric accessories, and gaming zones, among others. Inspiria Trade Bustle is an event that contributes to the overall development of a student’s personality.

Inspiria Trade Bustle

Inspiria Trade Bustle 2021 was a joyful and exciting event that included everything from food to entertainment. It included all of the aforementioned businesses, as well as others. As much fun and happening these businesses were, students also left no stone unturned in allowing their creativity to shine through in their businesses. Consider the names of their stores: Chatkara, Sip Up, ADA, Kami Sama, Keylets, Accessories ka Dhaba, and so on.

This year, the majority of shops were the ones where students could actively participate in the process of making the product themselves. Such as food stalls and accessory shops filled with handmade items, as well as game zones that added a fair vibe to the entire event with their unique and engaging games. These games in Inspiria Trade Bustle were influenced by both our favorite childhood games and the Olympic games. It is noteworthy that students wanted as much involvement in the aspects of business and not just to sell an already existing product, which isn’t also a wrong choice, to clarify. But letting your creativity in your business adds to the beauty of it.

Inspiria Trade Bustle

Though it appears to be simple, it is not. Before making any decisions, students must first present their business idea to the event coordinator, who is a faculty member. Their mentors provide them with advice on how to proceed with that particular idea. They are made aware of the risks involved, and they are given various approaches to the idea. It is now up to the students to decide how they will apply their teacher’s advice.

They have now reached the stage where they are conducting extensive research on the business they have decided to pursue. Students are not only required to research the top, but they must also research thoroughly. This research includes product research, raw material research, and research on how to obtain or transport the item to their place of business. In Inspiria Trade Bustle they also spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas for their business’s theme, how their shop should look, the colors to be used, and the materials to be used.

Even though the Inspira Trade Bustle 3.0 was only three days long, that entire week at Inspiria was jam-packed with fun and bargains. Yes! There were bargains where you could get one if you improved your bargaining skills. Though on the surface, this three-day event appeared to be all about fun and games, it actually demonstrated the skills of the Inspirians. Inspiria Trade Bustle gave a platform to demonstrate their tenacity, hard work, perseverance, and dedication. They were seen working tirelessly for hours each day throughout the afternoon.

Inspiria Trade Bustle

This challenge is always a spirit lifter and confidence booster, and this year was no exception. Inspiria Trade Bustle sparked competition while also instilling team spirit. It brought many students closer together and also helped to remove any barriers that may have existed. They worked together to make this event a success, regardless of which department they were from. For a college event, sales reached an all-time high in just three days. The Inspiria Management Club made a total of Rs 1,53,555 in sales.

This year as always, Trade Bustle was able to break up the monotony of the classroom walls by providing students with the opportunity to experience real-life industry situations. This alone serves as one of the most important lessons, which some will agree is impossible to teach in a classroom setting.

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