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“OH I am so bad in Maths!”

This is one of the most common refrains you hear in schools and colleges! It has led to widely-held perceptions over the years – that “Mathematics is tough!” or “Science is too difficult to understand” and so on…! One of the main reasons for such misconceptions is the approach of some conventional education systems. To illustrate this point let me tell you a story.

Once there was a five year old who was so slow to pick up his lessons that his teacher became fed up. She called the boy’s mother and said her son was too dull for studies. There was no hope of the boy passing school.

His mother somehow persisted with his son’s education and he managed to pass school and then college without a major degree. He was a quiet, reflective character and hardly spoke. But he was in love… deeply, with Mathematics. It was his passion. He wanted to further study and research in Maths and Physics. So he applied in a renowned institute in his country for a researcher’s post. He was refused the position as he did not have a major in science or a post graduate degree in the subject! The young man then applied for the position of a lab assistant in the same institute. He got the job. It gave him access to the institute’s library. In a few years’ time the he submitted a hand-written thesis. It shook the scientific world.


The name of the young man is Albert Einstein! And his thesis was the Theory of Relativity!
The story is relevant as it illustrates the fact that rigid and inflexible approaches to learning often boomerang! The student should be made to like his/her subject. If you as a student cannot get the subject you love, you must learn to love the subject you get. Remember no knowledge is uninteresting if you start developing a passion for it. Like Einstein did.

It is true that nowadays studies seem so much of a burden. They should not be so! The time has come to redeem studies from being a rigid ten to five affair and erase the gap between work and fun! You can have fun in your work or find work in your fun!
At Inspiria Knowledge Campus we have adopted an approach that would make studies less of a burden and more of a joy! Mind you, we have to and are following the traditional university based curriculum. We cannot afford to do otherwise for not everyone is Albert Einstein. However at Inspiria, students can blend work with play and get along the task of knowledge and skills acquisition in the quiet and tranquil ambience of our aesthetically designed campus on his/her own terms!

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