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Online quiz Even with the pandemic reigning upon us last year InspiriaQ turned out to be the first ever online quiz competition to be held in the North Bengal region. This year as well, the goal is to bring forward one of the best online quiz contest experiences for the students. The InspiriaQ online quiz competition certificates will be given instantly i.e. at the end of the online quiz. InspiriaQ 2021 will definitely be one of the most challenging yet fun online quiz competitions for students during this pandemic.

One of the biggest inter-school competitions in North Bengal, InspiriaQ is back in search of the best brains across India. InspiraQ an annual event is Inspiria Knowledge Campus’ pride with the history of seven successful years. This remains true even for last year when the world was hit with an unannounced pandemic. Albeit a virtual event, InspiriaQ 2020 saw a massive number of enthusiastic participants from all around the country. With the nation currently being in a constant battle with the second wave, InspiriaQ 2021 will also be a virtual competition. Along with sharpening their brains students can win prizes worth Rs 30,000/- all from the comfort of their homes.

It is a new world we live in and it goes without stating the events of the past year. Ever since 2020 happened, nothing has been the same. Just when things started looking slightly better India got hit with a second wave, more detrimental than the first one as proved by the stats. Students are among the most affected by the whole pandemic situation but the digital learning process has unquestionably been of great help. Technology is playing a huge role in making life go on because of which things still remain hopeful.

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We at Inspiria knowledge Campus aim to bring the same hope and zeal of learning among the students through InspiriaQ 2021. It goes without saying that the education flow has been affected a lot by the pandemic. Online curriculum is nothing close to a physical one which is why one of the main motives behind InspiriaQ 2021 is to give back that feeling of enthusiasm and competition to the students.

InspiriaQ Winners

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The event will be held in two phases, each phase being a month-long event. Phase I starts from 1st June to 30th June and Phase II will commence from 7th July to 7th August. A total of 32 participants will be selected from these two phases (i.e.16 from each phase) who will compete in a qualifying round. 12 winners from the qualifying round will go to the semi finals (6 semi-finalists for each phase).

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The winners from semi-final rounds (Phase I & Phase II) will then compete head to head with each other in the Grand Finale which is scheduled to be held on 21st August. Class XI & XII standard students from any corner of the country can participate in this competition for absolutely free. There are prizes worth Rs 50,000/- up for grabs for students, along with instant digital certificates. The winner will take away Rs 25,000/- while the 1st and 2nd runner up will take away Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively.

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We all have missed out on a lot of things that could have kept us sane during this pandemic. However, it’s time to revive the thrill again with InspiriaQ 2021, which is Inspiria’s newest edition of the virtual quiz challenge.For those who are unaware, InspiriaQ is an inter-school online quiz contest initiated by Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The contest is primarily created to encourage the students to take in comprehensive insight on general issues.
Each year, this knowledge-boosting quiz contest is hosted by the best quiz master and has been reviewed as one of the best online quiz contests for students.
Originally designed as a manual quiz contest for regional school students studying in classes XI-XII, the pandemic prompted an unexpected digital shift.
Therefore, InspiriaQ took off to the digital quiz platform last year and unfolded PAN India caught the attention of enthusiastic quizzers across the country.
With the stay-at-home orders and the schools being shut down, the first virtual stride became a huge success.

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Furthermore, InspiriaQ archived a milestone of glorious 7 years last year. Also, with the digital transition brought in, InspiriaQ received an overwhelming response with over 20k participants in just 3 days from students across India.
Apart from the thrilling and mind-refreshing digital challenge, each participant was granted an e-certificate for participation at the end of the quiz.
Ultimately, three winners were selected from the final round, which was hosted live. The winners were awarded cash rewards, trophies, goodies, and certification.

A Cue for InspiriaQ 2021

For decades, quizzing has constantly existed as an exhilarating activity for keeping one’s mind fit.However, with an unexpected digital ripple caused by the coronavirus pandemic, today’s online quiz competitions with prizes and certificates for students have become more than just a competitive event.Online quiz contest today is vastly perceived as a mind refreshing activity by the majority, especially during the lockdown.

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Furthermore, educational institutions like Inspiria facilitate free online quiz contests for students with cash rewards, to motivate them to explore in-depth and broader learning beyond the limit of the tedious syllabus.

Online quiz contest in India like InspiriaQ is designed for the students to keep up with the learning cycle, to boost their knowledge on a vast extent even when the schools and manual learning is obstructed by covid-19.With the extended lockdown across the country, India’s best quiz event with certificate 2021 for school students is back to beat the monotony. The MCQs are modeled to ignite the curiosity of students on broader aspects.Furthermore, each participant will get a personalized certificate at the end of the quiz. The final round will be more thrilling as it will be hosted live!

The top three winners will be rewarded with cash prizes, trophies, goodies, and certification.
If you are searching for an online quiz competition with prizes/certificates in India 2021 for students, then InspiriaQ 2021 is your chance to shine!

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Schedules for InspiriaQ 2021

PHASE 1 (PRELIMS) – 1st June – 30th June.
PHASE 2 (PRELIMS) – 7th July – 7th August.
QUALIFYING ROUND – 2nd July (Top 16 Participants).
QUALIFYING ROUND – 9th August (Top 16 Participants).
1ST SEMI-FINALS – 5TH JULY (Top 6 Participants).
2ND SEMI-FINALS- 12TH AUGUST (Top 6 Participants).

Eligibility for participation in InspiriaQ 2021

Participation in the quiz is free and open to all 11th and 12th students. You don’t need to create an account to participate in the quiz.
Non-compliance with the rules results in the automatic cancellation of participation in the quiz and the candidacy for the prize.
The persons who have given incomplete or inaccurate personal and contact details will be disqualified for the Quiz.
You can attempt the quiz only once. No negative marking for wrong answers.


InspiriaQ is one of the best online quizzes in the North Bengal region. InspiriaQ 2020 saw around 20K participants despite being faced with a pandemic. It was also the first ever online quiz competition to be held in North Bengal. This year it is set for it’s eighth edition and 2nd online edition. 

Yes there are a lot of online quiz competitions. InspiriaQ is an online quiz designed and developed especially for the students. It is set in a way that after taking the quiz you will come out on the other side more knowledgeable with a fun experience.

There are a plethora of online quiz competitions and most of them offer you an e-certificate. InspiriaQ is also one such quiz. Participants get the e-certificate at an instant i.e. as soon as they are done with the quiz.

To play InspiriaQ 2021 online quiz you can go to and win prizes wortH Rs 30,000/-

To participate in InspiriaQ 2021 Online quiz competition all you have to do is go to
Play the given quiz and fill your details at the end of the quiz.

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