Photography Workshop on Basic Camera Handling and Casual Portrait

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Yet another awesome workshop on Basic Camera Handling and Casual Portrait was organized by us and we had a whole lot of fun at our interaction centre at Siliguri City Centre Mall. Around 16-20 people comprising of mostly amateur and aspiring photographers attended the workshop out of which few of them had DSLRs but most of them used normal point-and-shoot digital cameras. The session was quite interactive and the level of enthusiasm was very high in them.

Topics covered was mainly Basic DSLR handling. The exposure triangle, shutter speed, aperture, ISO and a little on composition framing and light. We focused more on the STORY BEHIND EVERY PHOTO as we believe that tools and techniques can be taught, but what’s more important is to nurture the creativity within and come up with the best concepts and portray them with the help of good photography techniques. Its the idea that matters the most!

One part of the workshop was a 30 min hands on demonstration on portraits and also showed how to effectively use a Prime Lens.

The most interesting part of the whole Workshop was the a presentation on 3 renowned photographers, Raghu Rai, Henri Cartier-Bresson and James Natchwey. The participants were spellbound seeing those fantastic works by the masters. There’s so much to learn from them.

At end we analyzed everyone’s photos entries for the competition.

Ritam, who conducted the entire workshop said , “Although this was not my first workshop, but getting a handful of people who are totally new to this world of photography made the workshop better. They were all very excited asking different question and showing their photos for review. All together it was a splendid time. The workshop was planned for 3 hours but extended to 4 hours due the interactivity of the participants.”

Here’s what we covered in the workshop :

So, all in all, it was a super experience for everyone. Stay tuned for more events and workshops coming up at Inspiria. Keep checking our Facebook page and Events section!

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