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The amazing audition of Marzi music video:

It all started at 10 am on 18 march. There was a huge crowd in front of Inspiria information center for audition of Inspiria’s first music video. Everyone eyes were shining and everyone was eagerly looking forward to their turn. The participants were not only the experienced models but also young people from different backgrounds.

The amazing journey began. There was hope in every participant’s eyes. Feyago had his own parameters to test contestant’s skills. The level of enthusiasm and excitement seemed equal in everyone.

The Audition Video

So he asked some basic questions which are as follows:

  • Why do you wanna be a part of this music video?
  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
  • Why have you chosen modelling and acting as a career?
  •  Are you comfortable in front of the camera?

Feyago was quite amazed with some answers he got. One of the participant answered that she wanted to become a “supermodel”.

Most of the participants were from Darjeeling and north east and as Feyago himself has his roots in Darjeeling, so he could relate with the participants. So that led him to speak in Nepali with many of them.

When Feyago was asked later, how he is going to select the participants he answered, “I searched for the right confidence level and attitude among the participants by asking those few simple questions and looking into their body language and how they express themselves in front of the camera”.

He ended every session of the audition by turning on an instrumental track and asking them to listen to the beats and express themselves in whatever way they can.

Participants were informed that the result will be declared at 7 pm via Facebook. To our surprise many of them were still waiting in city center to get the results first hand. And as per the results 5 participants got selected for inspiria’s Marzi music video. Watch the video along with the lyrics.

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