What is Teachers Day And Why Do We Celebrate It

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A teacher is someone who pervades the void of ignorance when all remain lost. Thus, we sense the dearth of accurate words when we’re to define our teacher, whose understanding and responsibilities are beyond the limits of the classrooms. A teacher is not just a teacher, but also a friend, mentor, and a learned person who touches our heart and unshackles our mind from the bondage of illiteracy or ignorance.

The contribution of a teacher is immense. Teaching is not just another profession. It is a noble act accompanied by divine responsibilities to guide and enlighten those who are deprived of wisdom and knowledge.

While speaking of education and equating it with absolute freedom, a teacher is someone who’s somebody who is the provider of the greatest gift of all, that is the gift of freedom. Thus, to celebrate the greatness and the worthiness of a teacher is what we called as Teachers’ day celebration.

Different countries across the world celebrate a Teachers’ Day to glorify the greatness and to express their gratefulness for their immensely noble deed. The celebration of the Teachers’ Day Date varies throughout the globe. The Universally accepted World Teachers’ Day is 5th October.

In India, the Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5th of September and this custom of celebrating Teachers’ Day begun from 1962. This date not only marks the importance of the Teachers’ Day Celebration but also records the birth date of Dr. Servepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. Radhakrishnan a great philosopher, teacher, scholar, a politician, and his dedication towards his work and education made his birthdate a significant event in the Indian history.

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Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was an extremely friendly mentor and he was a very famous and excellent teacher amongst his students. Being a man of profound excellence and the favorite of the students, one fine day, his students and friends asked for his permission for hosting an extravagant birthday celebration for him. In return, Dr. Radhakrishnan expressed his gratitude by saying that he would be proud and honored if his birthdate is celebrated honoring all teachers.
Thus, from then, 5th of September is observed as Teachers’ Day. To show our utmost respect and express our gratitude, we commemorate the great work of worthy personality until this date.

The importance of Teachers’ Day is immense. Teaching truly is the most influential and worthwhile profession in the world. Teachers are considered the ideal personage who dedicate their life to shape the young minds by rendering sound education.

Apart from the textbooks, a teacher also imparts good moral value in children so that they can be a better citizen. Teachers are the true architect of the nation, without which no society can proceed in the path of progression.

Understanding the worthiness, love, and selfless service of a teacher, the whole world celebrates this day with great respect.

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