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Every year, the CBSE board examination is held in every corner of the country. Students are likely to get worried or nervous as they enter the examination hall for the first time. If you’re appearing for CBSE boards this year, then you must already have felt the immense pressure of preparation. In spite of working hard and studying for endless hours, you might worry about forgetting everything you’ve studied so far. In such cases, you may wonder, how to write answers in board exams efficiently?

Well, there is no specific theory that defines the much-needed instructions for writing CBSE Board exam for securing extra good grades! However, there are few effective and best board exam tips and tricks that will create a good impression and save you from losing grades.

1. Prioritize and solve the questions that you know

List out and mark the questions which you’re more confident writing at, as there is no need to write the answers in the same order as in the question paper. It is highly recommended to attempt the questions that you know well. Doing so will boost your confidence and will help you utilize your time in thinking answers and attempting questions that you’re less confident at.

2. Write the appropriate answers

Do not write everything that you know. It’s common to get nervous or get a bit anxious as you enter the exam hall. In the meantime, you may tend to pour out everything you’ve studied in order to make your answer look lengthy. So, ignore the advisors that suggest you about writing everything you know. Presenting well-defined answers to each question certainly is one of the best instructions for writing the CBSE board exam.

3. Use simple and easy language

For CBSE boards, the medium of instruction is English. So whatever you write should be clear and easy to understand. Avoid writing the portions that you’ve read from your NCERT Books, rather write explaining the ideas in your own easy words.

4. Choose the questions cautiously

Your search for board exam tips and tricks simply does not remain in the writing good answers alone. It also depends on the type of questions you choose! Normally, in every paper, there are choices given. When it comes to choosing the questions you want to attempt, then take time to give all the questions a complete reading, so that you can sketch a picture in your mind concerning what needs to be written in each case.

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5. Use passive voice for the fact-based answers

While writing long answers like historical events or the experiment based answers containing stepwise procedures, always use passive voice. The key strength of using passive voice in the long answers is, it appears more educational. Another board exam tips and tricks include avoiding the abbreviations or short formats for certain words, such as ‘hav’ for have, ‘shud’ for should, etc.

6. Attempt all the Questions

The best thing about the attempting all the board questions is that there is no negative marking for the wrong answer. So, always remember that one of the best rules for writing board exams is to attempt all the asked questions. If you’re confused about any question, then reconsider answering it by reading the question thoroughly. Cautiously reading the question will help you understand the genre of the questions and what it asks. If you know the answer, you can write it. If you don’t then make a smart assumption.

7. Don’t Panic

In spite of knowing about attempting all the questions or making assumptions, you know that it’s not always possible for you to know or assume everything. There could be some questions which may be beyond your understanding. At such times, don’t be afraid, as panicking can affect your brain making it blank due to which, you will be unable to answer the questions that you know well. Thus, we recommend you to be calm and think wisely so that you can frame the answers to all the questions confidently.

8. Maintain the spaces and be specific

While writing the answers, make sure that each word is properly spaced out or separated. Don’t force the ten words in a single line. Your examiner will find it difficult to understand overlapped words, and this may cause grades to fall.
Answer to each question precisely and write the answer in points. Do not repeat the same thing ten times in order to increase the length of your answer. Leave two lines and before and after writing the answer so that if you want to add up something later, you can do so without making a mess.

9. Be Presentable

An answer sheet with neat, readable handwriting, proper margins, and pencil sketched illustrations represents an excellently presented answer sheet. Good presentation is one of the key rules for writing board exams. Suppose you know every answer, but if your answer sheet is without margins, subheadings underline, poor handwriting, blotted answer sheet, will create a bad impression.

But, don’t mistake being presentable with decoration. Some students tend to use multi-colored ink for writing subheadings, drawing lines, etc. which will gain you no extra grades. It is recommended to use a blue pen for writing answers and black pen for writing the headings. To draw the margins and diagrams, you must always use a pencil.

10. Revise and Check your Answer Sheet at the end

Once you’ve finished writing the answers, make sure you recheck the entire answer sheet to make sure that you haven’t skipped any question. Check that you’ve written the proper question number to every answer you’ve written. Not only that, check your roll number, registration number correctly before handing over your answer sheet to the examiner. Rechecking your answer sheet will help you find out little mistakes which can be changed quickly and prevent the fall of grades.

So, these are some of the rules for writing board exams, But despite these tricks, your overall marks depend on your preparation. So, prepare well, keep nervousness at bay!
We wish you all the best for your boards!

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