The Theme of our Logo



The logo of Inspiria Knowledge Campus represents wings that exemplify an aspiration as high as the sky. The concept is to ‘give wings to your educational dreams’ and make your aims air-borne.

Symbolically, the colour blue reflects attributes that are progressive and positive such as trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith and truth to name just a few. Blue also symbolizes the sky whose horizons are boundless.

Our motto is to ensure that graduates who pass out from here should truly be “Employable”. This is only possible when theoretical teaching is backed by hands-on practical training and industry exposure.

We at Inspiria believe “Unemployability” is a bigger problem than “Unemployment”. The current situation in India is such that the industry offers jobs which fresh pass outs are ill-equipped to handle. This is the issue Inspiria is going to address.


Our Focus

In pursuance of the objectives mentioned above, Inspiria Knowledge Campus aims to provide students with appropriate industryspecific training. As a result they can carry out their role in any field with success and efficiency.

Students would immensely benefit from our expert faculty team who will provide handson training, industry insights and adequate individual attention required to deliver the skills of performance-driven professionals.

Our focus is on Retail, Hospitality, Media and Information Technology industry and to create employable resources for these focus industries.

Industry Revelance.

New technology trends.

Course Curriculam which groom industry-ready professionals.

Well-rounded personality development

Hands-on practical training.

Developing “Employability Skills”

World-Class facilities.

State-of-the-art infrastructure.