What are the Career Options after BBA?

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A bachelors degree in business administration offers ample career opportunities. Students who undergo this degree get knowledge-based skills that help them in attracting and securing various corporate and government jobs which require business knowledge and applicable skills.

Career options after BBA also help and equips passed out students in starting their own business through start-ups or by participating in family-managed businesses.

A career after BBA makes one eligible to find various levels of jobs in multinational companies & professional organizations, banks, marketing organizations, e-commerce organizations, business consultancies, financial & investment organizations, logistics companies, export companies, educational institutions, travel and tourism sector, NGOs, etc.

Companies readily offer interesting jobs to freshly recruited BBAs to engage them on an enthusiastic platform where they can best display their knowledge and skills in management and presents a career path for fast growth within the organization.

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This becomes possible as over the three year duration of the BBA course students are taught and exposed to numerous business scenarios, case studies, management games and role plays, product innovation and marketing exercises and competitions, entrepreneurial and social activities and the like that results in nurturing their business acumen and fine-tuning of their business skills.

Candidates after completing a BBA degree can also opt for new age jobs such as digital marketing as there are a number of new marketing and business skills that revolve around new trends involving social media and digitization. Having basic knowledge and good writing skills can help to build one’s career faster in these job options. Through digital marketing, one can make tactical use of social media to transform an image of a company and learn the tactics for business and marketing which is being implemented over a digital platform.

Initial package for fresh BBA pass-outs usually ranges from 2 to 4 lakhs per annum with the possibility of earning much more when candidates display excellent leadership, decision-making skills, enthusiasm and an acceptable academic background.

After gaining relevant work experience one can also opt for higher studies in management such as MBA and PGDBM to attain a further and deeper understanding and exposure to business management and make use of learned experience to self-validate and internalise classroom teaching with on-the-ground business realities. This would not only make them more competent to work better and manage better but earning potential would also increase manifold.

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