What are the career aspects of BBA?

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According to father of management Peter Drucker
“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year undergraduate course. The course is among one of the fast rising courses in India and emphasizes on developing the business tactics, familiarising aspirants with all the aspects of business. The overall objective of the course is to impart business and management skills to students and prepare them for their entry into the corporate world.

Benefits of pursuing BBA It is a career oriented course that deals in developing the business managing capabilities in an aspirant and aims in providing the knowledge of particular areas of business like finance and marketing. Further, Pursuing from Inspiria Knowledge Campus, can further open up several job opportunities, probably you will start your career at the executive level in the field, HR and finance.

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A degree in BBA opens up various opportunities for a student. One can join as a Management Trainee in Finance, Marketing, Consulting or Banking sector. Although the salary package depends on a person’s capabilities, one can expect a package between 10k to 30k per month. Below are the various career options a student can explore after BBA.

Career Options after BBA

  • 1. Financial analysts
  • 2. Marketing Executive
  • 3. Chartered Accountant
  • 4. Entrepreneurship
  • 5. Start-Up
  • 6. Executive Assistant
  • 7. Civil Services
  • 8. Bank
  • 9. Master of Business Administration
  • 10. Law
  • 11. Media Marketing

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