CBSE Fake News 2020: Board Clarifies Regarding The Fake News On Class 12 Board Exam Cancellation

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Amid the widening of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is undergoing a grave crisis and fear. While each day goes on with to breeding new uncertainties, the fresh COVID-19 cases across the globe continue to emerge and so the death rates. The pandemic that first started from China’s lab in Wuhan, this deadly Chinese Virus has spread across the geographical boundaries and has won over the scientific research and medical world in finding a cure till now. Globally dominating, COVID-19 has hit almost all the industries across the globe cause severe impact on the world’s economy. Amongst the worst hit domains, education is one of them.

In a country like India where most of the preliminary round for the competitive exams and board exams occur in the first quarter of the year, the outbreak of unexpected Chinese virus has severely hit the education and the ebb of learning. With the educational organizations compelled to shut down to curb the spread, the country itself had to call for a prolonged lockdown due to the rapid outbreak. Besides, the worsening has deterred the concerned authorities from making a stable decision on new CBSE dates for the pending exams.

Online classrooms and the alternatives of e-learning is emerging as a solution to the continuity of learning. However, another growing concern is “fake news regarding the cancellation of CBSE Board Exams” surfacing on the internet recently. The news regarding the cancellation of CBSE 2020 Board pending exams is inaccurate. The Board has made it clear through their official tweet that the news regarding the cancellation of the pending CBSE Board Exam is incorrect. The tweet read,
|| Recently there has been a lot of speculation regarding the 10th CBSE Board exams. It is reiterated that the board’s decision to take board exams for 29 subjects of class 10 and 12, stands the same as mentioned in circular dated 1.4.20.@DrRPNishank @PMOIndia @PTI_News
— CBSE HQ (@cbseindia29) April 29, 2020 ||

The Board has earlier instructed all the concerned board examinees, parents, teachers, and all the CBSE affiliated schools to confide on the information provided on the Board’s official website. Before you get carried away by the inaccurate information on the internet, make sure you browse through the official page ( So here is what you should know about the CBSE 2020 Board Exams & Results.

#1. Internal Assessment

CBSE Secretary has confirmed that the internal assessment process has already started. However, due to the lockdown, the task is still not completed. In this regard, he has further asked the CBSE Board Examinees to wait for 2- 3 months for the announcement of CBSE 2020 Result based on the internal evaluation.

#2. Evaluation Status

CBSE secretary, Anurag Tripathi has confirmed that more than 70% assessment process is still pending.

#3. CBSE on Class 12 Boards

CBSE has confirmed decided on conducting the pending Class 12 Board Exams. If the Government permits, the Board has concluded on conducting the remaining 12 subjects within 10 days. The exams will be conducted even on Sunday.

#4. CBSE on Exam Cancellation

Amongst the circulating rumors regarding the cancellation of CBSE pending Board Exams, the CBSE has clearly rejected the probabilities of cancellation of the remaining Class 10 and Class 12 Board Exams.

#5. Prior Notice

To all the concerned Board Examinees, the board will provide a 10-day prior notice, i.e, just ahead of the commencement of the pending exams.

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#6. CBSE Rejects Sisodia’s Recommendation for CBSE Board Exam Cancellation

On 28th April, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia recommended the cancellation of CBSE Board Exams. According to Sisodia, all the CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 Board Examinees should be promoted based on the internal exam scores. The Board, however, remained intact with their decision to continue the pending exams whenever possible.

#7. CBSE 2020: Exams to be Conducted For Cass 10

The Board will conduct the exam of all the subject which was postponed due to the outbreak of violence in North East Delhi Region. The pending subjects are as follows:

1. Hindi Course A
2. Hindi Course B
3. English Communication
4. English Language and Literature
5. Science
6. Social

#8. CBSE Board Exam 2020: Exams to be Conducted for Class 12

The pending subjects on which the examination will be conducted are listed below:

1. Business Studies
2. Geography
3. Hindi (Elective)
4. Hindi (Core)
5. Home Science
6. Sociology
7. Computer Science (Old)
8. Computer Science (New)
9. Information Practice (Old)
10. Information Practice(new)
11. Information Technology
12. Bio-Technology

#9. CBSE Result 2020

Owing to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and the third phase of nationwide lockdown, students might have to wait for 2-3 months for the internal evaluation results.

#10. Further Notice

All the concerned students are parents who are hereby requested to follow the official site of the CBSE Board for the recent news updates and further information regarding the CBSE 2020 Board Exams.

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