Searching For Film Making Course in Siliguri – Then This Blog Is For You

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Searching For Film Making Course in Siliguri – Then This Blog Is For You

Around two decades back, film making was a specialized vocation accessible to a select few with connections in the film industry. Indeed the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai was controlled by a select group of film makers and producers. Powerful artists’ guilds also ensured that independent film making without the support of the industry was almost impossible.

The advent of digital technology resulted in sea changes in the cinema industry as elsewhere Filmmaking became a user friendly and yet richer creative process with multiple dimensions. Invention of high end RED camera also meant that cinema can be made without celluloid film and so become a less expensive affair.

As a result, film making is slowly becoming wide spread and more and more short films and documentary films are being made today by amateurs as well as professionals. It is also evolving as a lucrative career. In view of this, the demand for film making courses is growing.

There are several areas in filmmaking in which one can make a career. The industry is changing from an oligopoly to ever-expanding market resulting in growing demand for professionals in the industry who have the potential to make a bright and lucrative. After their course, the students can work as Camera Production Assistant, Motion Control Operator, Assistant Director, Script Writer, Film Editor, Assistant Production Controller, Art Director, Camera Operator, Sound Assistant, and Camera Assistant. As they gather experience they can go on to become any of the

• Director
• Cinematographer
• Film or Video Editor
• Sound Director
• Art Director
• Actor

Recruiters incluide, film studios, television studios, fashion studios, event management sectors, advertisement agencies, private production houses and corporate houses.However in a small city like Siliguri, the scope for students looking for a film making course is limited. In Siliguri there are small institutes teaching diploma or certificate level courses. Some university affiliated mass communication UG degree courses are available where there are one or two papers in film studies. But these do not wholly fulfill the purpose of students looking for a full fledged course in practical filmmaking.

Thankfully, Inspiria Knowledge Campus is now conducting a full fledged UGC affiliated 3 year degree course in practical film and television production. Affiliated to MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology) the B Sc course in film and television is a comprehensive UG course that looks after every aspect of filmmaking.

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There are several reasons why students choose to obtain a Bachelor in Film and Television. The program teaches a variety of concepts, including visual storytelling, history of film and television, and film genre studies. Typical course topics include directing, film theory and production, script-writing, international cinema, light treatment, film editing, motion picture history and animation.

Inspiria offers state-of-the art infrastructure for the Film & TV UG course which includes smart classrooms, an excellent studio equipped with the latest facilities, sound recording roomcameras and editing console with FCP based film editing support.

The faculty includes a team of experts with strong theoretical knowledge backed up by industry exposure in film direction, animation and cinematography. Inspiria’s Film & TV course has opened new opportunities for students of this region who wish to take a course in film & TV production.

For any assistance or help regarding counselling please feel free to contact us anytime at +91-8900755550. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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