About the Computing Club

Computing club is a vibrant community of students who share a common love for computing and its endless possibilities. Our club is open to all students under the School of Computer Science, regardless of your skill level or expertise. We hold regular meetings, workshops and fun tech-related events throughout the academic year. We are dedicated to:

  • Explore the world of Tech
  • Build connections
  • Provide Hands- On learning
  • Create innovation and creativity
  • Knowledge sharing

Tie-up with CodeChef

The Computing Club is open to all streams but managed only and fully by the students of the department of Computer Application, under the guidance of the faculty members. The club has also associated with CodeChef and has a Campus Chapter called Codopiria.

Inspiria Knowledge Campus is the second campus in the entire North Bengal region to have a Campus Chapter by CodeChef.

Events in the club

The Computing Club is an informal way for students to share their passion for technology. The club holds various activities like Digital Literacy, Coding Competition powered by Code Chef, Quizzes, and many more technical and non-technical events. The club also holds various seminars on latest technologies, career development, etc.

Trivia Quiz

“Unleash your knowledge, embrace the challenge!”

The motto of Trivia Quiz is “Test your knowledge”. The main objective of this event is to nurture the mind in a prospect of technical and non technical aspects.

Trivia Quiz

Blind Coding Competition

“Code Beyond Sight, Reach New Heights!”

The motto of Blind Coding Competition is “Coding beyond sight, insightful solutions”. It is an event of writing codes for a given problem, with Monitor Off. The main goal of the Blind Coding Competition is to encourage the students to learn and overcome a variety of barriers while coding.

Mobile Mockup

“Designing Tomorrow’s Experience, Today”

Mobile mockup emphasizes on the forward-thinking nature where you’re not just creating a mockup but envisioning and designing the future experience for mobile-app users. It reflects innovation, creativity, and a commitment to delivering a great user experience.

Mobile Mockup
WebX Retro


“Form follows Functions”

The Web-X-Retro event focuses on both creativity and technological advancement in web design. It encourages participants to push the boundaries of web design, emphasizing the importance of innovation in creating outstanding digital experiences.

Data Visualization

“Seeing the Stories in Data: Illuminate, Educate, Innovate”

The Data Visualization event underscores the power of data visualization to reveal meaningful insights, educate audiences and drive innovation through the art of visual storytelling.

Jumble Coding

“Crack the code, Unscramble the challenge!”

Jumble Coding involves participants solving coding challenges or puzzles where code is presented in a scrambled or disorganized manner. Participants must scramble the code to make it functional. It’s a fun and educational way to enhance your coding skills and creativity.

Debugging Competition

“Defeat the Bugs, Master the code!”

Debugging competition is a challenging event where participants are presented with code that contains errors (bugs) and tasked with finding and fixing those errors within a specified time frame.This is designed to challenge your problem- solving abilities and coding expertise as you hunt down and fix bugs in various code snippets.

Debugging Competition

Capture the Flag

“Hacking boundaries and securing glory”

Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions are not related to playing outdoor running or traditional computer games. Instead, they consist of a set of computer security puzzles, or challenges, involving reverse-engineering, memory corruption, cryptography, web technologies, and more. When players solve them they get a “flag,” a secret string which can be exchanged for points. The more points a team earns, the higher up it moves in rank.


“Where Code Evolves into Triumph”

Incode is an event of coding competition using the programming languages like C , C++ and Java in association with competitive programming community “Codechef”.The motivation of this event is to provide the platform for code lovers to compete at school level and college level respectively on a global platform of coding community.



“Forge Your Legend Conquer the Battlefield”

The Battle Ground Mobile event creates an incredible level of excitement with a large audience and participants. The high turnout in the event reflects the strong interest and enthusiasm among participants and spectators alike. The main objective is to bring together a large gaming community within our organization.


Digital Literacy

It refers to an individual’s ability to find, evaluate, and compose clear information through writing and/or any other medium on various digital platforms. Here, students are taught literacy skills such as how to verify credible sources online, cite websites, and prevent plagiarism.


It is a competitive programming platform. CodeChef is a non-profit educational initiative of Directi aimed at providing a platform for students interested in programming.


A quiz is a game or mind sport in which the players attempt to answers questions correctly. It is a game to test the knowledge the students have acquired.

Club Members

Aditya Nag



Gaurav Kumar Raychand


Deeprekha Bhowmick


Tanmoy Ghosh

Class Coordinator

Shreea Bose

Class Coordinator

Sourav Kundu

Class Coordinator


Lipika Saha

Class Coordinator