Unemployability – A Bigger Problem Than Unemployment!

First, let us know what is the difference between “Unemployability” and “Unemployment”. Then, with some facts and figures, we will come to know why Unemployability is a bigger problem.

Unemployable means : “not acceptable for employment as a worker.”

Unemployment is : “the state of being unemployed.”

Now let us look into some intriguing facts (India):

  • More than 50 lakh students graduate per year. Very few are fit to be employed.
  • More than 50% of India’s youth lack basic skills and quality
  • GER (Gross enrolment ratio) for higher education in India is 34% which is frightfully less as compared to other developed nations (56%).
  • GER is 50% of the world’s average
  • 80% of India’s higher education system of the year 2030 is yet to be built.
  • 10,00,000 people join the labour force every month for the next 20 years without adequate training

Reasons behind unemployability in India:

  • Shortage of good institutions providing quality higher education.
  • Lack of flexibility, recognition of prior learning and employer linkages.
  • Lack of English knowledge and cognitive skills in students.

How to resolve this problem:

  • Imparting higher education, the unconventional way!
  • Introducing scholarships for deserving students
  • Providing proper counselling to students
  • Workshops and Seminars to create awareness on employability skills.

What is our initiative:
Inspiria” – Inspire to achieve!

Objective :  “Make Indian Youth Employable”


We believe that unemployability is a bigger problem than unemployment and hence we have set ourselves into a mission to address this problem.

As the first step towards addressing this issue, we set out to identify traits / skills which are required in order to achieve success. The 10 employability skills which most employers look for are:

  • Perseverance
  • Strong self-belief
  • Humility
  • Positivity
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Masterful communication
  • Collaboration
  • Passion for quality
  • Personal excellence
  • Independence

At Inspiria Knowledge Campus we equip the students with those ‘Employability Skills’ and provide them appropriate industry-specific training so that they can carry out their role in any field to the best of their ability.

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For any assistance or help regarding counselling please feel free to contact us anytime at +91-8900755550. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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