The only reason you cannot FOCUS on your STUDIES!

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This is one of the most important topic for any student. Specially, for the ones who are going to appear for the Board examination next year in 2018.

Even after spending 6 hrs 10 mins per day in school, approximately from the age since you were 3 years, if you are unable to generate habit, interest, focus & motivate yourself to study, there is something definitely lacking to generate interest in your life to study. The reason, “why” to study. Human beings are selfish species who do nothing until they see a reason for doing it.

Whereas on the other hand, you can spend hours on habits like partying, Facebook, whatsApp etc, which are your recent generated habits.

Don’t you think that this needs to be pondered upon deeply?

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We often hear people saying around us to develop interest, focus and concentrate in studies (which is their diagonosis of the problem, “students’ problem”)- but no one is ready to hear the students’ side of the problem- i.e. how to develop interest, how to focus, how to concentrate & how to motivate to study. Right, isn’t this the problem that all students face?

Knowing these problems are not the solution to these problems, let’s check the ‘why’ of the will to generate habit, interest, focus and motivate oneself towards Facebook, WhatsApp, partying etc. What is that factor or force that drives one towards these without any procrastinate- i.e. posting a selfie every moment, without any laziness- to like, share & write a post. One is even ready to hold oneself from sleeping, resting, thinking twice in putting extra effort in updating the best of ability.

Is it mere interest that drives, motivates and allows one to focus? Or is it something else?

The point to be highlighted here is something that many would not agree though i.e., Interest is not the factor here.

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Factor is, self- recognition, appreciation, boost from your friends and relatives, along with the anonymous group of people, who don’t even know each other: “likes”, “shares” on social media encourages your work.

Whereas on the other hand, one feels that nobody recognises their efforts, their class performance- it’s primarily the toppers. This creates a space in the subconscious mind of students of not being recognised, appreciated and rewarded. This leads to develop a sense of avoiding studies in order to seek a sense of recognition and boost from areas it is appreciated.

Next comes identifying the prolem- so how do we solve it? As we all know to every problem, there is a solution. Even to this problem there is a solution and the solution is very simple.

In the rat race of career and life, one tends to forget to do something that makes study very intersting. A simple six-step process can just change one’s perspective towards studies:

Step 1: One should start relating their subjects to their lives- One must have the urge to know why water – H2O & Oxygen (O2) is so important?, that’s Chemistry! One should have the urge to know where do Hydrogen & Oxygen get used in our body, how they break their form, that’s Biology… One should want to know the probability of becoming successful in life and achieving what one wants- Mathematics!

When one wants to know about the use of Facebook & WhatsApp, about their functions, that becomes Computers & Technology. One gets to know about the Earth and its happenings till date under Geography & History. Similarly, one can relate all other subjects to their lives and implement accordingly.

Step 2: Relating the chapters to lives- Playing Cricket can be a chapter on Projectile. Father having a loss in business can be a chapter on Profit & Loss.

Step 3: Implementing the topics in our lives- after relating, one can begin with implementing and problem solving. Friend had a break up, their traits didn’t match – may be related to Helium’s (He) condition of not bonding with any other elements under normal conditions- simply meaning they were not meant to be together. So why crib and cry over it? When one wants stability, one needs to bond with the one who needs that extra electron. Every chapter can be implemented with our lives. These are all meant to be used in our lives. Use it and see how you enjoy it.

Step 4: Start sharing the concept of implementation with others, one may even use social media platform that interests that individual- Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Step 5: “Likes” for ones work, knowledge, “Shares” for ones work means recognition. Thus, the result is built up motivation.

Step 6: Lastly, once interest is generated in ones studies, an individual is ready for the next project.

Simple steps can change lives. So, it just your outlook towards studies. You can also watch the video on this blog on our YouTube channel from below. All the Best!

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