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Academic Excellence and Discipline defines Army Public School, Bengdubi

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Imparting knowledge with a global perspective and a passion for academic eminence, Army Public School, Bengdubi is reforming the benchmark for High School Education with a core focus on human values and discipline. Currently comprising of approximately 2300 students from Nursery to Class XII, the institution is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education since its inception from 1981 as Army School, Bengdubi. However, the name was shifted to Army Public School in 2012. Arts and Craft Lab at Army Public School Bengdubi Honourable Principal Mr M. Nabi of APS, Bengdubi stated that “Army School Bengdubi started its journey from

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Elation and Enthusiasm during InspiriaQ Prelims at Army Public School, Sukna

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The Inter-School Quiz Contest, InspiriaQ organized by Inspiria Knowledge Campus has

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Attitude is More Important Than Talent – Says Subham Chanda, Army Public School, Binnaguri

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Subham Chanda who is teaching in Army Public School, Binnaguri (Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India) since 2005, says why attitude is more important than talent. After class 12 when a student joins a reputed college, they will be meeting many other students having the same level of talent as them. So when they are going to get hired after completion of the course, what they actually need is not only “talent” but “good attitude”. Our youth needs to understand that. Check out this video to see what else he has to say to all the students out there!

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