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Career Opportunities in Media Science

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The environment of the modern world today is undergoing transitions at a pace never imagined. As such, the catalyst as well as the requirement for such a space requires the use of media. The mediums of sending a message is increasing and as such the word “medium” is pluralistically called as “media”. Increasing number of media channels would require resources and manpower at the nature and pace it is required to be. One of the suitable courses for enabling oneself with a dynamic career in such a field would be in Media Science. The scope and field of media is

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5 Reasons why Media Industry has diverse career scope

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1. Media & Entertainment Industry: Media & Entertainment industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries in India. It has proven and registered an explosive growth in the last two decades. The Indian M&E (Media & Entertainment) Industry is also know as the first light sector for the economy and reaching great heights. The Indian M&E industry is in a strong phase of growth, with its increasing customer (audience) and advertising revenues. 2. Maximum Target Reach: It is an industry which has the maximum reach after agriculture and textile now. Its reaches every house, family, individual and genre.