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5 Reasons why Media Industry has diverse career scope

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1. Media & Entertainment Industry: Media & Entertainment industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries in India. It has proven and registered an explosive growth in the last two decades. The Indian M&E (Media & Entertainment) Industry is also know as the first light sector for the economy and reaching great heights. The Indian M&E industry is in a strong phase of growth, with its increasing customer (audience) and advertising revenues. 2. Maximum Target Reach: It is an industry which has the maximum reach after agriculture and textile now. Its reaches every house, family, individual and genre.

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Making Sense of the Digital Explosion | Diginaka

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The digital world keeps on opening new horizons and opportunities and re-defines the way we negotiate with our surroundings. From computers to cameras, audio recording devices to television sets, film-making to animation, the digital technology is the key driving factor. The explosion of user-mediated creativity across various platforms thanks to the availability of low-priced devices such as smart mobile phones and tablets has made possible the “sharing, tweaking, co-creating and re-purposing of digital media content in the public sphere”. For an in-depth study and analysis of the digital impact, the School of Media and Cultural Studies of Tata Institute of