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College Degrees That Are “Employable”

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It is useful to choose courses that enhance your employability While choosing a course to study in college there are a number of factors that have to be kept in mind. First, one needs to ask himself/herself what he or she is truly interested in. Taking up a vocation which does not particularly interest you is like trying to enjoy a food-dish you do not like! Remember, the subject that you take up in college will be the area in which you would be working your whole life - so do only what you like! Second, you have to be

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Learn To Believe In Yourself!

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Do you believe in yourself? Most people confuse self-belief with arrogance, over-confidence and pride. While the latter tendencies must be abhorred, one can never afford to lose his/her self-belief in the process. We live in an age where most people have lost their capacities to believe in anything, it is rare to find somebody believing in himself. However, for success in life self-belief is a must! We remember a young man from Siliguri who worked in the middle management team of a renowned tourism company in Kolkata. The salary/perks were good and the going was great. It was then that

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Inspiria Benefits From Insync’s CSR

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Inspiria Knowledge Campus is an initiative of J.P. Sahu Foundation and aims to make the youth more employable. Inspiria provides an environment where students learn from industry-experts with extensive hands-on-training. So, how does it happen? How do the students get appropriate industry-specific training? The managing trustee of Inspiria, Mr. Atul Gupta, is also the founder and CEO of an IT product company named InSync Solutions. InSync’s product, APPSeCONNECT caters to Ecommerce businesses. The organization is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and community initiatives spanning in the areas of education, employability and entrepreneurship and Inspiria, is one project under that. The

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Social Media in Employment

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Social media is the initial contact or follow-up to get someone to actually take a tour or meet with an admissions counselor. The fact it's so easy to tour and get to know a college without setting foot on campus has led to a flood of college applications. Many high school students apply to multiple schools to shop for the best financial aid. That raises the stakes for admissions counselors to reel in students, especially successful students who can boost the schools' retention and graduation rates and, in turn, their rankings. Social media is used on a consistent basis with

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Inspiria Knowledge Campus presents the ‘Employability Workshop’ in Association with Nujs and iPleaders

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  Distinguish yourself from other jobseekers –Develop unique legal and strategic skill-sets Research shows that barely a handful of graduates are employable due to lack of sufficient practical skills – as a result, there is unemployment and unnecessary competition even if the industry has jobs to offer. Every employer or a client is eagerly looking for someone they can rely on for solving real-life problems and strategic issues faced by his business. Find out how you can be the person whom every employer seeks out from the crowd. Learn about:  Typical problems businesses face, and what a college degree normally does

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