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How To Become a Successful Entrepreneur? Get The Answer Here

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Entrepreneurship is the ideal way to explore your ideas, goals, creativity, and passion. There is no specific requirement to become an entrepreneur. If your aim in life is to become an entrepreneur, you probably wonder what it might take to accomplish those visions! Yet again, there is no generic rule that applies to anyone who dreams to be a successful entrepreneur. If you are keen to learn more, here are the 5 effective rules to follow for becoming a successful entrepreneur. 1. Work smarter with a clearer approach. Entrepreneurship is often interpreted as 18hours/day of work schedule. The majority perceive

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Bivek Chandak : Upcoming-Media Entrepreneur

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Bivek Chandak- the ever vehement and dynamic student of the Department of Media Science, Inspiria Knowledge Campus, is a new talented addition to our Rising Star series. An enterprising individual who has his own unique way of perceiving and innovating new business plans. He is an active member of theYI Yuva Chaupal,Siliguri and also of the National Entrepreneur Network (NEN). He was one of the members of Inspirias team Bye-Load that bagged the fourth place in the YuSTART 2015- Business Plan Competition in Bangalore and also took away the third place at NASSCOM- Business Plan Competition in 2016, Kolkata. Bivek

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