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How to Overcome Maths fear and score good

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Arithmophobia - Fear of Maths: Common problem faced by students. Mathematics is a basic necessity- even to learn or count the number of fingers on our hands. So, there is no way to escape from 'Mathematics'. Most of the students fear, dislike mathematics also find it difficult as a subject. Now, here the question arises is - what is fear? Fear – is an anxious feeling, caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience. It's the thought of failure in mathematics which actually causes the fear in the mind of the students. Students, when the learning process is

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ISC Exam Date Sheet 2017

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Indian School Certificate(ISC) has announced the time table date sheet for the board’s exams. ISC Exam Date Sheet 2017 is out and would be commencing from 1st March 2017 and continue till 26th April 2017 Indian School Certificate strives to serve the nation's children in order to provide them with high quality education for contributing towards the growth for a better society. We have highlighted few last minutes tips which will help you to be organized and focus for a better performance in the exams. You can download ISC Exam Date Sheet 2017 from below: ISC Class 12 Exam Schedule

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