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Inspiria Knowledge Campus – Knowledge Partner for KIDDATHON, 2015

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Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic, the time of innocence and love. But in this fast pace of modern life cancer is such a sickness that deprives these children of their childhood. In India cancer is the 9th common cause of death among children of age between 5 to 14. Leukemia and lymphoma are the commonest childhood cancer in India. 70% of children with cancer die due to lack of proper treatment and awareness. Calcutta Central Ladies Circle 27 has taken up this cause and to empower the affected children with better treatment and help. To raise

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Social Media in Photography Event and Inspiria’s 1001 Things

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Kolkata photographer community took huge step forward on 30th and 31st August, 2014

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104th Birthday of Mother Teresa – Saint of the Gutters

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The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, M.C. popularly known as Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic Religious Sister and Missionary of Albanian origin who lived in India for 49 years. She founded the Missionaries of Charity, a catholic order of nuns dedicated to helping the poor. With a modest start in Calcutta (Kolkata). The Missionaries of Charity grew to help the poor, the dying, the orphans, lepers and AIDS sufferers in over a hundred countries across the globe. Mother’s selfless effort to help those in need has caused many to regard her as a model humanitarian. She touched the lives of

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324th Birthday of the City of Joy – Kolkata

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Kolkata, known historically as Calcutta is the capital of the Indian State of West Bengal. It is located on the east bank of river Hooghly. The city was a colonial city developed by the British East India Company and then by the British Empire. As per convention, the city’s birthday is celebrated on August 24th each year considering its foundation by Charnock, a British Merchant in 1690. The birthday celebration day of the City of Joy, Kolkata has divided the historians who have different views about it. Kolkata is a heritage city with famous monuments such as the landmark Victoria

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