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St. Augustine School, Kurseong making rapid strides into the Academic Arena of North Bengal

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St. Augustine's School (SAS), Kurseong established in the year 1990 is excelling in the academic arena on the hills of North Bengal. An academic institution redefining the educational concepts to ensure students excel in both academics and co-curricular activities. The school provides ample opportunity in the field of badminton, basketball, football, volleyball etc for students who have also represented and earned fame for the institution in various competitions and events. St. Augustine School Kurseong auditorium Efficient teaching- learning process is involved to ensure effective academic results and holistic development of students. Mr Pratap Thapa of SAS quoted that “the students

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Glenhill Public School, Kurseong- A school with a vision that even weakest of the weak is important

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Glen hill was founded in the year 1985. It is the first private ICSE and ISC school in Kurseong after Dow Hill School, Goethals Memorial School and St. Helens Secondary School. Since then they have come a long and now have students from various parts of the nation also from Bhutan, Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries. Glenhill has streamlined itself with the most qualified and modernised teachers. Where teachers efficiently impart knowledge with modern ideas and methods. Glenhill Public School Entrance Best of teachers are resourced from various parts of India. Second languages such as Garo, Dzongkha along with Hindi

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