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Learn To Believe In Yourself!

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Do you believe in yourself? Most people confuse self-belief with arrogance, over-confidence and pride. While the latter tendencies must be abhorred, one can never afford to lose his/her self-belief in the process. We live in an age where most people have lost their capacities to believe in anything, it is rare to find somebody believing in himself. However, for success in life self-belief is a must! We remember a young man from Siliguri who worked in the middle management team of a renowned tourism company in Kolkata. The salary/perks were good and the going was great. It was then that

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Difference between Studying and Learning

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What is the difference between “Studying” and “Learning”? A good question since there is a subtle difference in the meaning of the two closely related words. Literally speaking “studying” is the process though which one learns. In reality, the word has come to mean quite something else – at least in most cases. “Studying” unfortunately has become synonymous with the word “memorizing”. Therefore when you ask a school or college student if he was studying hard for the exams, it often came to mean whether he was memorizing his notes well enough to write them down in his exam paper.

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Love Your Subject, See How Learning Can Be Fun!

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“OH I am so bad in Maths!” This is one of the most common refrains you hear in schools and colleges! It has led to widely-held perceptions over the years – that “Mathematics is tough!” or “Science is too difficult to understand” and so on…! One of the main reasons for such misconceptions is the approach of some conventional education systems. To illustrate this point let me tell you a story. Once there was a five year old who was so slow to pick up his lessons that his teacher became fed up. She called the boy’s mother and said

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