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Lets impart education to the underprivileged with Inspiria Youth Run

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The Inspiria Knowledge Campus now launches the marathon namely Inspiria Youth Run, the event is surely going to bring out the fun-loving spirit in you. Running is one of the favourite sportings among all the age group, the marathon is now in Siliguri, each one of us can now run for a better cause and healthier lifestyle. The marathon conducted by the Inspiria Knowledge Campus is one of kind and will be held in two phases, one being the 5 KM long and the other 10 KM long, both the races will be held on 10th of March this financial

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Inspiria Knowledge Campus – Knowledge Partner for KIDDATHON, 2015

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Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic, the time of innocence and love. But in this fast pace of modern life cancer is such a sickness that deprives these children of their childhood. In India cancer is the 9th common cause of death among children of age between 5 to 14. Leukemia and lymphoma are the commonest childhood cancer in India. 70% of children with cancer die due to lack of proper treatment and awareness. Calcutta Central Ladies Circle 27 has taken up this cause and to empower the affected children with better treatment and help. To raise

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