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DAV School, Siliguri setting a new benchmark in the educational system

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DAV is a CBSE New generation school which was established in the year 1996. It is a school where children from Nursery to Twelfth standard receive a holistic education and explore their potential to the fullest. The school started with twenty students and now after twenty years is catering the academic needs of more than 1200 students. The school is devoted toward the upliftment of human values through the journey of enlightenment. Remarkably, outstanding results speaks about the excellence of the academic structure. Like the other DAV school across country, DAV Siliguri is a Vedic school where school runs on

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List of Schools in Siliguri

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For a small city, Siliguri has has a large number of good quality schools Not many are aware of one inspiring piece of information which will make all of us living in Siliguri, nay North Bengal proud. Siliguri is one of the top ten small cities in the country with the largest number of schools (the density of schools that is), particularly high standard English medium schools. For a town which had just around 15000 residents about 80 years back, this growth of the town as well its schools is most impressive. These schools have survived because residents of Siliguri

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