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Social Media in Employment

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Social media is the initial contact or follow-up to get someone to actually take a tour or meet with an admissions counselor. The fact it's so easy to tour and get to know a college without setting foot on campus has led to a flood of college applications. Many high school students apply to multiple schools to shop for the best financial aid. That raises the stakes for admissions counselors to reel in students, especially successful students who can boost the schools' retention and graduation rates and, in turn, their rankings. Social media is used on a consistent basis with

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Unemployability – A Bigger Problem Than Unemployment!

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First, let us know what is the difference between "Unemployability" and "Unemployment". Then, with some facts and figures we will come to know why Unemployability is a bigger problem. Unemployable means : "not acceptable for employment as a worker." Unemployment is : "the state of being unemployed."

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