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An Awareness Initiative Drive of Animals on Highways by Environmental Conservation Group

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The visit of the Environmental Conservation Group all the way from the southern part of India ( Coimbatore, TN) caused a ripple of excitement among the students. The very thought that they drove all the way from Coimbatore to Siliguri by road was astounding. There was great interest from the students to support the cause. The main objective of the ECG is to create an awareness among the people regarding the killing of wildlife on highways and to reach up to the government for a solution to this issue. They were a group of five men from different areas of

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Epic Stories with Small Photographic Equipment

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With the advent of science and technology across the globe exciting developments have taken place in the camera technology which has put the professional and amateur wildlife photographers on equal and level playing field. With the small spy cameras, camera traps technology in wildlife film-making now pictures can be taken scanned in 3-Dimensional instead of taking pictures going near the animals and entering into their habitat. Spy Camera technology allows filmmakers to observe animal behavior without going into wild habitat and hampering their region with human activity. It has also provided an animals’ eye view of the environment which was