Wine Tasting Session by Sula in Inspiria Knowledge Campus Siliguri

Wine Tasting Session by Sula

An event Wine Tasting Session by Sula has been organized by the Hospitality Department of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri focusing on mainly 1st and 3rd-year students of the department. Mr. Soham Poddar who is the Manager-Tasting and Marketing(East) of Sula Wine was the guest speaker for the event. This session started at 11.30 am with […]

Wine tasting & wine training workshop by Sula vineyard


Inspiria organises an enriching session on Wine training & wine tasting by Sula Vineyard for Hospitality Management Students An enriching session on Wine tasting & wine training was conducted on 15th March 2019 by Mr. Soham Poddar ( Asst. Manager testing & marketings) at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri.Enthusiastic undergraduate Hospitality Management students of the college attended the workshop to get an in-depth […]