Avail collateral security free loan up to ₹10 Lakhs

Under West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme


The Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal, has introduced the Student Credit Card Scheme for West Bengal students to enable them to pursue education without financial constraints, thanks to the visionary leadership of Mamata Banerjee, Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal. It was created in order to broaden the reach of education. Students from West Bengal can now dream of studying in any institute of their choice, from secondary level to postgraduate and even competitive exams, within India or abroad, without fear of financial constraints. Within this scheme, a student can apply for an education loan of up to 10 lakhs with a repayment period of 15 years. We are pleased that Inspiria Knowledge Campus is also an eligible institution under this program, but more importantly, we are honored to be promoting education.

Documents Required

The following documents are to be uploaded (Softcopy) at the time of filling up of online form:

  • Colored photo of applicant (Format: .jpeg or .jpg. Size: 50Kb max & 20kb min)
  • Colored photo of co-applicant/co-borrower (Format: .jpeg/.jpg. Size: 50kb max, 20kb min)
  • Signature of the student (Format: .jpeg / .jpg. Size: 50kb max, 10kb min)
  • Co-borrower/Guardian’s signature (Format: .jpeg/.jpg. Size 50kb max, 10kb min)
  • Student’s AADHAR Card (Format: .pdf. Size: 400KB max, 100KB min)
  • If no AADHAR card: Student’s Class 10 Board Registration Certificate (Format: .pdf. Size: 400KB max, 100KB min)
  • Guardian’s Address Proof [preferably AADHAR Card] (Format: .pdf, Size: 400KB max, 100KB min)
  • Relevant document of the School/Institution brochure/document detailing the
  • course fee/tuition fee (Format: .pdf, Size: 400KB max, 100KB min)
  • Admission Receipt or Admission Offer Letter (Format: .pdf, Size 400KB max 100KB min)
  • Student’s PAN Card or undertaking in prescribed format (available in the portal), if no PAN. Format: .pdf. Size: 400KB max, 100KB min)
  • Guardian’s PAN Card or undertaking in prescribed format (available in the portal) if no PAN (Format: .pdf. Size: 400KB max and 100KB min)

Helpline : +91-8900755550

Helpline :