Women cell as the name suggests is an initiative taken by Inspiria Knowledge Campus, started in the year 2016. Women Cell is a functioning body that concerns the well being of all women, in and around the campus. It has a major step taken towards empowering women at all levels. With women operating actively under this organisations, it also helps to promote unity among our sisters and also helping them realise what significance women hood holds over the society, preaching ways to shape the society as well as their lives on a better aspect. Speaking of it’s objective Women Cell not only concern the well being of women but it also tries to cement ties between women and the obstacles that one has to go through everyday. Women cell tries to resolve their issues so as to provide a better living.

Inspiria Women Cell Executive Committee Members

Twinkle Khandelwal


Adarshika Limbu


Priya Jain


Sushma Thapa

Class Representative (BBA)

Komal Sahani

Class Representative (BCA)

Ruby Gupta

Class Representative (BMS)

Roya Joshi

Class Representative (BHM)