Sub : Re-Constitution of Inspiria Knowledge Campus-
Women Welfare and Empowerment Cell (WEC)

As per the guidelines of UGC and the Supreme Court, Women Welfare & Empowerment Cell is planned to establish in the college in order to protect the women staff and students associated with the college from all sorts of injustice or sexual harassment of any nature directly or indirectly. Women Welfare & Empowerment Cell is established by Inspiria to uphold the dignity of women at the institution. The women redressal committee consists of faculty members and student members.

The WEC cell attends to various complaints from the women in the campus, especially to issues regarding women harassment. Appropriate and prompt actions are assured to complainants approaching the cell.


The Director/Principal appoints a lady senior faculty member to be in charge (chairperson) of the Women Welfare & Empowerment Cell, a coordinator, secretary, faculty and some student representatives are also nominated as members.

The vision of Inspiria WEC is to safeguard the self-esteem and rights of the women students and staff, empowering them to take part in all the activities of the college and thereby to feel that they are no longer inferior to men.

The mission of Inspiria WEC is to enlighten the women in the college, about their legal rights and to strive towards the empowerment of the women through the promotion of gender harmony and programmes concerning women welfare.

Inspire, equip and support women to discover and realize their full potential.
1) Advice – which will be persuasive by giving an option, judgment and recommendation.
2) Guidance -encouraging through educating, influencing and constructing good for women.
3) Counseling – a two way collaborative approach to enable girl students to explore their problems, understand and resolve their problems. This will be a facilitative approach.

Duties and responsibilities of the Committee: 

  • Women’s Empowerment through Education   
  • Women redressal committee is for solving women (students & staff) related issues and complains
  • Creating awareness about women’s welfare
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial attitude among young girls
  • To help them change their mindset and develop decision making abilities.
  • Improving interpersonal skill for girl students
  • Creating awareness against harassment by workshops/seminars
  • Conducting Women’s Day Program every year with a great spirit

The women Welfare & Empowerment Cell can punish the guilty in the following ways:

  • Verbal
  • Written
  • Complaint to their parents
  • Fine(Financial Punishments)
  • File the FIR to the police (If the situation arises).
  • Expelling from the college as per the Institution policy
Women Welfare and Empowerment Cell

Committee Composition:

Sl. NoNameCommittee Designation
1Ms. Sherry GeorgeChairperson
2Ms. Suchismita GhoshSecretary
3Ms. Neha ThapaCoordinator
4Ms. Ankita PatnaikMember
5Ms. Laxmi SahuMember
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