College Bucket List: 55 Must-Do Things Before You Graduate

College days are considered to be the best times of your life. From majoring and earning a degree in the subjects that you love, to becoming a part of several events throughout, college days signifies the perfect freedom and opportunity to learn and evolve. But, are you really making most of your college days? Whether you’re a fresher or a senior, there is an unlimited number of things that you should experience before you graduate. So, here is a list of 55 unmissable things that you should do before you graduate. 1. Attend a lecture (that is - for a

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Things You Should Do On The First Day Of College

The titled blog "Things You Should Do On The First Day Of College" consists and highlights the listed points. Hope this works for you as ‘a pick me up throughout the day’ element, especially if, you’re stressing about the mentioned subject. 1. Carry A Pen & A Notebook/ Laptop 2. Reach Atleast 20 – 30 Minutes Early 3. Don’t Overstress, You’re Not Alone 4. Stay Prepared For A Proper Introduction 5. Keep Up With The Professor 6. Go Through The Entire Course Syllabus 7. Stay Prepared To Work 8. Make New Friends 9. Start Taking Notes Immediately So, you have

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Top 9 Helpful YouTube Channels For College Students

For the majority, YouTube is an entertainment platform for watching and uploading videos. From its first ever video uploaded on 23 April 2015, called ‘Me at the Zoo’, to the streaming HD videos of our modern times, YouTube has radically evolved. From the latest music videos to the controversial historical contents, from wildlife to the universe, from food & beverages to traveling, sports, etc., YouTube has become the exclusive hub for accessing and streaming contents based on your preferred genre. The most accessed platform after Google, YouTube extends free accessibility to a host of subject materials. Such as – latest

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How to Become a Software Engineer & Career Opportunities

This blog about "How to Become a Software Engineer & Career Opportunities" demonstrates the procedure of becoming a software engineer. It further enlists the career prospects for the fresh engineering grads. Scroll down to read more. Hope this helps. The human race is meant to evolve. That’s why we have come to this age. The age of technologies and information. The development has surged so much so that the world is adjusting itself with the custom of technologies. Such as IoT, AI, etc. With this progression, the demand for software engineers is skyrocketing globally every year. The rise in demand

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2nd Workshop On Research Methodology using SPSS 25.0

SPSS, owned and acquired by IBM is a software package designed for interaction, batch and statistical analysis of data. Inspiria Knowledge Campus, one of the leading management colleges in Siliguri had organized a two day workshop on SPSS on 27th and 28th June 2019 in the campus. Twenty partcipants attended the seminar from various institutions like Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.Darjeeling Goverment College, North Bengal University and Sikkim Manipal University. The worskhop was conducted by IBM SPSS trainer Mr. Tapabrata. The workshop was inaugurated by the Managing Trustee Mr. Atul Gupta, the Operations Head - Mr. Rahul Gupta and the

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