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Top Career Options For Arts Students: Tips For An Ideal Path After 12th!

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Career Options Arts Students: One of the biggest misconceptions is the idea that the best career options are available to those who study science at the plus two levels. The truth of the matter is that no stream or vocation is worthless as good students who excel in their respective subjects always do well in their careers. So whether it is is anything as rare or obscure as sericulture farming or honey bee cultivation if you are good at your job then you have a good career ahead. On the contrary, if you have a degree in a trending subject

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Impact Of Coronavirus On Students: An Unforeseen Rise in Online Learning

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Impact Of Coronavirus On Students : Whether you perceive it as "technological advancement" or simply prefer to quote it as an "uncalled impact", the rise of the covid-19 pandemic has turned every alternate digital tool or, web-enabled gadget, and online platforms into a daily requirement to the majority. Until the early decades of the 2000s, technology and software including internet accessibility was new and thus remained out of reach for a large section of people in our country. However, it has become otherwise in the past few years. The rise of the internet has impacted on our lives on a

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InspiriaQ 2020: The Biggest Quiz Contest Of North Bengal Goes Online!

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InspiriaQ 2020 - A digital drive to encourage learning during a lockdown: Education in dramatically changing times as such requires a considerable effort and innovation to thrive. The current moment is crucial for strengthening and pushing forward the digital initiative to foster learning and education amongst the majority. It's obvious that the spread of coronavirus pandemic has forced us to rethink and redesign our lives. The impact and ongoing transition are impossible to escape. Almost everything suffered the blow of the COVID-19 pandemic. From loss of lives to loss of jobs, from education to health care, from entertainment to travel.

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CBSE Releases Important Guidelines for the Rescheduled Class 12 Board Exams

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The CBSE (Central Board for Secondary Examinations) has announced a set of guidelines for holding of the pending class 10 and class 12 examinations which had been rescheduled due to the nationwide lockdown. These examinations will now be held from July 1 to July 15 it was earlier announced. The most important thing to note in the set of these guidelines is students who travelled to their home districts from the cities due to the lock down can now appear their exams from a nodal examination centre near to their homes. The number of examination centres for the CBSE class

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Schools And Colleges In India Likely To Reopen After 15th of August 2020

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Amid the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the educational institutions across India were forced to shut down for an indefinite duration. Whilst the nation witnessed the rise in the number of fatalities, an abrupt nationwide lockdown was imposed by the government to curb the spreading of coronavirus pandemic. The imposition of lockdown not only led to the closure of educational institutions but also impacted the ongoing board exams across the country. The major educational boards like CBSE, ICSE, including state educational boards, were compelled to postpone the then ongoing board exams. Based on the reports, all the educational institutions in