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Delhi ki Galiyan — An Hospitality Event By Inspiria Knowledge Campus B.H.M Department.

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Students of Hospitality Management Department (2nd year), Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri successfully accomplished a spectacular event on campus 13th of September 2019. As the name "Delhi ki Galiyan" given to the event was justified with the concept and presentations of various foods and beverages of Northern India. The cuisines were prepared primarily focusing on the palate of the Capital city of our country Delhi. The event was planned based on the curriculum of the 2nd-year Hospitality Management department which involves bulk food production of various Indian regions. Faculty members guided the students to attain the ultimate success of the event.

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Importance Of Studying Medical Terminology In BBA Hospital Management Course

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The students who will be graduating with BBA (Hospital Management) will have wide career prospects as Hospital administrators and operators, Hospital quality management, Hospital business development, Medical tourism, Marketing, Tele medicines, Health care insurance, etc. To a teacher who is involved in teaching the medical terminology/physiology, students ask random questions as to why are they have to study the medical or human physiology and why are they made to learn about the terminologies that are used mostly by doctors or nurses or those who belong to the core medical science. The majority of the students who come to study the

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Top 5 Books On Entrepreneurship For Successful Startup

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In this myriad startup ecosystem, the clash of ideas is obvious. To stand out as an entrepreneur, your ideas should be better and distinctive than the others'. Also, it’s undeniable fact that one might experience a tough situation and run short of ideas sometimes. But if you’ll study the much-coveted life of triumphant entrepreneurs, the process of progression and growth isn’t any different. Irrespective of the startup ideas, business niches, and the vision, every progress needs unceasing guidance and motivation to get success. An aspiring entrepreneur will certainly find these from the mentors and like-minded comrades or peers. However, nothing

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10 Smart Ways To Prepare For An Exam

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Irrespective of streams, board exams carry an influential value in every student's life. Oftentimes, board exams are perceived as a challenge or, a hurdle by the majority. To a few, its a breakthrough point to one's life and career. The scores you obtain in board exams pave pathways for your career choices. Hence, any student should honestly and consistently devote their time and focus on studies, to attain the best results or, outstanding grades in board exams. Even now, if you are looking for exam preparation tips, here's what you shouldn't miss. This blog brings you with 10 Smart Ways

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10 Things To Know Before Learning Programming

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Mastering coding skills or, learning Programming is not as easy as we think. Despite this, if you've set your mind on learning Programming, you have made the best decision! Initially, you may be anxious and inquisitive about what the learning path holds or what it takes to grow from beginner to expert-level. Programming, reasonably, is one of the toughest skills to master. The process rather calls for more practical education that strictly needs to be followed sincerely. However, one of the biggest concerns you should focus on is to get into a field or a platform where you can find