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Homeschooling: Here Are Some Effective Homeschooling Tips For Parents

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In times of crisis amidst the widening pandemic and the closure of schools worldwide, the advent of e-learning has emerged as a boon for all of us. Very often, we praise the technology, online resources, innovation, and those standing frequently in front of a webcam to conduct online classes or, to impart learning to the kids. Undoubtedly, the contribution of teachers and online resources deserves the utmost praise. But, amidst the digital-driven world, we often overlook the struggle of the parents, which lays behind the picture-perfect world of virtual learning. It's true, it's unthinkable to discipline a kid who is

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Accounting ,Taxation & Auditing Most Demanding Course Near Future

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BBA Accounting & Taxation Most Demanding Course Near Future: Confused about what to do after 10+2? The existing pandemic has adjourned everything except the time, which waits for none. However, even amidst the slightest timespan, anyone can choose a professional course for building a successful career ahead. In this competitive global financial world, just a graduation degree is not enough. To reach up to the top of the corporate ladder in this era of technological advancement, one should be paired up with professional skills along with extensive knowledge. Choosing a program like BBA Accounting, Taxation and Auditing can ensure a

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What is E-learning? Advantages And Disadvantages Of eLearning?

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E-learning is a method of obtaining knowledge through digital or, web-enabled gadgets like computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The technique of online learning or e-learning enables remote access to systematic learning or any desired course through a digital device aided by stable internet connectivity. With e-learning, a learner can digitally access learnings or insights of any chosen subject from anywhere across the world. E-learning or online learning extensively varies from traditional learning methods as the latter mandates physical presence for both teachers and learners. With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, the system of education underwent a radical change. The

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10 Things You Should Know About Becoming An Interior Designer

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Lighting, texture, layout, and hues, if you think you have a knack with these creative elements then this blog is for you! If you are someone who is passionately willing to join the interior design field, you might have many questions like what are the key responsibilities of an interior designer? What are the best interior design schools? What are the various areas of interior design? What is the eligibility to enroll in an interior design course? What is the average salary of an interior designer? What are the prospects of an Interior Design course? Before you get convinced in

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Inspiria YouthRun 2020: Most Awaited Virtual Marathon in India

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Inspiria YouthRun 2020 - As coronavirus imposes strict restrictions on large gatherings, Inspiria preps to conduct their first virtual run challenge in October 2020! Since the advent of social distancing norms, sports stadiums, and gyms including all the places for physical events were shut down following safety measures. For all the fitness enthusiasts and the devoted athletes, running became the prime sport and recreation during the lockdown. However, the rise of the virtual technique of connecting with the crowds facilitated many events like orientation programs, fests, concerts, including virtual marathons. With a large number of manual races getting canceled

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