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How To Control Your Mind for Board Exam

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It is the psychological affairs within a personality that distinguishes one from the other. One day is equal to 86,400 seconds in which the earth rotates once with a mass of approx 6X10^24 kg then why can’t one control a mind which is merely 1.4kg? If the sun and the earth would have been inconsistent with their pattern, can one really think that they would have been able to do things as they were happening? The earth works persistently and consistently despite the mass it carries, to rotate, once a day. As a result, we experience seasons and other similar

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Important things to keep in mind while preparing for Board Exams

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January means its countdown to the board exams of Class X and XII! The selection tests are over and for intermediate students, these are the final days of school life! What tensed students need at this time is a bit of friendly advice – tips which could go a long way in ensuring that the first hurdles of life sail through in a smooth manner. First, students should bear it in mind that this is not a “Make or Break” test as most people make it out to be! While all efforts should be made to achieve the best one

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ISC Board Exam Date Sheet 2018

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Indian School Certificate(ISC) has announced the time table date sheet for 2018 board’s exams. ISC Exam Date Sheet 2018 is out and would be commencing from February 7 2018 and continue till April 2nd 2018 Indian School Certificate strives to serve the nation’s children in order to provide them with high quality education for contributing towards the growth for a better society. We have highlighted few last minutes exam tips which will help you to be organized and focus for a better performance in the exams. ISC Board Exam Date Sheet 2018 from Inspiria You can download ISC Exam Date

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CBSE Class 12 Board Exam Date Sheet 2018

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Amidst of the rumours of having exams in February 2018, CBSE confirmed that exams will be conducted in the month of March, starting from March 5. The date sheet 2018, as released by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) comes as a much relief for the students who would be giving their board exams this year and it would also help them to prepare in a much more systematic and scheduled way. You can view and download CBSE Class 12 Board Exam Date Sheet 2018 from below which also highlights important Tips & Tricks which you can implement for scoring

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Inspirians Making it To MAKAUT’s Core Sports Team

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What makes a person successful is not worldly knowledge alone but resilience, determination, will-power and confidence that build up within and along an individual. Here at Inspiria we inculcate all the essential elements of success and confidence in our students through study, other educational events, sports etc. Students of Inspiria are always encouraged to put forth their best effort to bring out their hidden talents into the real world. One of such talent is found in Inspiria when Subhankar Saha, the 3rd-year student from Department of Media Science has won the championship title in the table tennis tournament of MAKAUT