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Top 10 career Options after Bachelor Of Computer Applications (BCA) Course

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Top 10 career Options after B.C.A.- In today's world, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. So in order to settle down in your career with a bright future, one should be efficient and qualified enough to operate and deal with technology, mainly computers. With the approach of Digital India, Skilled India and paperless India have increased the scope in the field of computer and IT sectors.   The majority of the students choose B.C.A. after 10+2 in order to obtain knowledge about computers. But, the question arises, 'what next after completing the college', 'what is the best career options

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How to prepare for class 12 board exam in 3 months?

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How to prepare for class 12 board exam in 3 months? - An outstanding Class 12 Board Exam Result brings great value to a student's life. Board exams are equally tough because qualifying one will secure you a seat in one of the best institutions in the country or abroad. It is the ultimate approach to choose your dream career. So to attain an outstanding result in your board exams, you have to be consistent with your studies from the beginning of the academic session.   However, most of the students neglect their subjects and decide a certain amount of

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Top tips to score 100 percent marks in Physics board exam

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It's true, not everyone is born genius to find physics easy. With the board exams date sheet being released, you must have felt the pressure of qualifying in the listed subjects. In today's context, the world chooses to believe that a student's aptitude prevails in the number of percentage one scores on board exams.   Good grades in today's context are very similar to the tickets for obtaining seats in the best institutions, which eventually helps them cover a step closer to their dream careers. And, that's what the students strive for. So, here are some valuable and "top tips

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BBA Industrial Visit to Zydus Pharma, Sikkim

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Is learning restricted to a particular field ? No learning initiates KNOWLEDGE , Practical or Theoretical both in its own forms ,INDUSTRIAL VISIT is the one which gives term "KNOWLEDGE" a different level of exposure . With this very motive, Inspiria takes a tour to the JAMBORE OF INDUSTRIES , along with its enthusiastic faculty and students of BBA Ist Year. The visit to Zydus Pharmaceutical Industry ,Sikkim was a mixture of everlasting knowledge and fun . The cleanliness and security is what the students found the peak point of the industry . The first department was the Packaging department

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How to Show Confidence in a Job Interview?

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Confidence is the greatest asset to crack an interview. It gets you hired in your dream career. But, how to attain the required confidence in a job interview? It's true that the organizations pick candidates that are confident. Confidence is an essential quality that creates a better and lasting impression on interviewers.   Confidence is found within oneself. Being confident means believing in yourself enough to make others believe in your true strengths and skills in the same way. Being confident and composed during a tense situation like your dream job interview can be tough. However, here's the list of


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