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Journalism vs Mass Communication: Espousing the right subject domain

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As the name itself suggests, mass communication deals with a wider range of media to ‘communicate’ different stories, messages, facts or statistics to the public. Innumerable amount of courses ranging from advertising, public relations, films, Journalism etc can be categorized in this domain. However a great deal of confusion arises when we discuss about Journalism and whether it is same or different from Mass Communication. While the general definition of journalism is specific to delivering news to public through print, electronic or digital media. Print media or print journalism largely covers newspapers and magazines, Digital employs various social and web

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2018 Board Exam Preparation: Tips & Tricks to Score More

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Each day the heart beats a little faster as you glance at the passing days and the approaching examinations, to ease your mind and untangle your issues comes in Inspiria Support. To glorify your results this academic year follow the success plan incorporated to overcome the examination and debut with flying colours. The prime aspect of scoring higher during examinations revolves around sound practice and lower levels of anxiety, master the art of keeping calm to overcome fear and score much higher than expectations. To score higher than others during examinations using the simple study plan Importance to weaker areas:

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Best & Effective way to do final Revision for Board Exams

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Revision is an important part of studying, it helps us remind and unfold the forgotten data during the process of studying. Its high time as the board exams are near, most of the students are working hard day and night to flourish and come out in flying colors, but what could actually obstruct the outcome is fear, lack of concentration and abrupt revision. As the dates approach most of the students catch up with insomnia, stay up all night with the fear of things that could go wrong during the boards. The students are ready to devote time towards their

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Planning to do BBA course? Know the important things before taking admission in BBA Course

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A degree in bachelors in Business Administration generally known as a BBA Degree is a unique undergraduate three-year course aimed at developing and nurturing managerial knowledge-based kills and critical aptitude within students with adherence to industry requirements and expectations. Many of colleges and Universities are offering the BBA programme as regular or distance learning education. Students can pursue this course full-time or distance mode. The value of full-time course is considered to be much more than over the distance mode. In India, the accreditation body for BBA is AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education). There are different accreditation bodies

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Career opportunities and Scope after BCA

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Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA as it is more commonly known as a three-year full-time graduate degree program in Computer Applications. BCA is one of the most sought-after courses in Computers for graduation in a huge number of students who want to shape their careers in the world of Information Technology and its allied services. A large number of aspirants looking for career options after BCA often complete their Masters in the same field but, BCA itself is a course which has enough potential to generate employment for fresh graduates right after their college. Enrolling into BCA enables a