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Should You Opt For Higher Studies Or Professional Experience?

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The most frequent question answered during interactions with students is – Do I go pursue higher studies or start working? It is understandably the most valid and biggest dilemma weighing on most students today. Here’s some information to chew on – At IIM Calcutta, the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Batch of 2017-19 had an average work experience of at least 2 years *. So completing your education all the way before working might seem like the best way forward. But take a step back and think again! To some extent, you realize that your school/college was selected based

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Advantage Of Pursuing BCA Course – Career Prospects & Salary

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In the world driven by the vigor of technological evolution and the hype of internet, a BCA degree can grant you with a plethora of career opportunities. The contemporary scenario is that even the smallest startup or business are influenced by this surge. The demand for prompt and easy services are on a constant rise. Be it online shopping, bill payments, product promotion, surveys, fixing software & technical issues are done online. The current generation and the modern world has widely acknowledged machine learning that has developed AI and IoT in day-to-day lives. In India alone, IoT products like smart

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‘Think Big – Think Global’ Global Business Degree – A Boon for Students Aspiring to Capture the World

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The $80 trillion world economy feeds the largest ever megatrend of globalization. The global panorama of today’s business sphere is continually evolving. It's akin to a disruption to be reckoned with, where the world functions as a component of a single market featuring interwoven production responding with comparable impulses. Globalization leads to a solid effort making the world global community as one village in which national economies are dynamically getting borderless and blended into the world economy. Globalization has now become a pivotal hallmark of the world economy rooted in the structure of business systems and national business strategies. Many

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Career Prospects And Overview Of Hospital Management Course

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Career options in Hospital Management are practically unlimited. Bachelors in Hospital Management course opens the door to a whole new world of Health Care Service Industry. The Healthcare System in India is growing at a fast rate due to its wide coverage, services and the public and the private players are increasiHospital At A Glance - A General Overviewng their expenditure in the healthcare sector. In fact, this course particularly prepares the learners by equipping them with the needed skills and knowledge to manage healthcare operations. Common Job Roles And Responsibilities For Fresh BBA- HM Grads The Hospital Management degree

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A Career In Media Production: It’s All happening Out There!

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There was a time when the word “media’ was not in vogue. The news reporting profession was generally referred to as the “Press” or Journalism. And of course, it was a hallowed and selective profession, quite out of bounds for the common people. Career scopes were limited and journalism was more of a passion than a profession. Gradually, the world has evolved! And changed in a big way. Today, we live in an age of media escalation. Every one of us has directly or indirectly become the consumers and even producers of media content. Gone are the days when you


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