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Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in India for Freshers [A Complete Guide]

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With the rise of a pandemic and the rise of job layoffs, the need for a secure and well-paying job has become more critical. The pandemic has convinced us that it's not only the high-paying jobs that are essential, but we need to look for secure career options that hold the best prospects for the future. To get an early start, the majority of the students begin their job hunt as soon as they finish college. Because it's important to have a job that can contribute to our long-term goals and fulfill our increasing financial demands.In this competitive age, a

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How To Pick the Right College During This COVID-19 Pandemic

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How To Pick the Right College During This COVID-19: College is nothing less of a dream for every student passing out of senior secondary school. They fantasize about that campus life as they pass class 10 and start picking their choice of college right from then. This gives them ample time to prepare for the two years. But this year, it's not the same as before. Everything is unprecedented. In fact, class 10 and 12 students who were supposed to appear for their boards in March last year haven’t even gotten a chance yet. The exam was rescheduled for feb

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Business Ideas: 10 Business Ideas During Pandemic

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Covid-19 aka the pandemic as we know it is one of the most scary modern day humanitarian crisis. Nobody had ever imagined that this busy world could even come to a pause but it happened. All around the world people were stuck in their homes, businesses shut, schools shut jobs lost and what not. A whole year gone by in a woosh. The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the darkest years because it was nothing less of a nightmare. Though the whole world was locked in not all businesses went under, some thrived through. The

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15 Interesting Machine Learning Project Ideas For Beginners

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Machine Learning, an offshoot of Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest technologies right now. It is the study of computer algorithms which enhances along with experience and with the use of data. Machine learning algorithms predict and perform actions without being ordered to do so based on training data or the sample data. In simple terms as the name suggests when the machine develops a mind of itself (thus machine learning), well not literally but as the data gets fed and trained the machine (algorithm) becomes intelligent enough to predict any future action. In a world like today machine

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Inspiria Delivers Immunity-Boosting Free Foods For Covid Patients In Siliguri

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The speedy rise in the number of covid infections in Siliguri has alarmed the residents. It can be said that the negligence of the majority has provoked this awful crisis in the city.Now, as the country struggles with oxygen shortage amid the skyrocketing infection rates, Siliguri on the other hand is encountering a shortage in vaccine supply.     With the modest chances for improvement in the situation, it's time we take the necessary precautions to avoid the worse and stay healthy. Amid the worsening scenario led by this unwelcoming crisis, Inspiria Knowledge Campus has taken a bold move to

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