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Top 10 professional courses after 12th

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Most of the students in India are worried about "what to do after 12th" because the real journey towards a successful profession begins after walking out of the comfort zone of the school life. There is no dearth of great colleges and institutions that provide professional courses in India after 12th for various domains. However, you might get confused regarding the courses offered and the job prospects co-related with the same. Many well-wishers might come up with a series of suggestions but it's you who should be building your career. Therefore, it's very crucial to know your preferences and pick

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How to be a Successful Chef?

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If you're passionate about cooking, you certainly must have wondered, " how to be a successful chef?" You surely must have fancied yourself in a stainless perfectly tailored chef coat, walking in the glamorous kitchen of your dreams, examining the ingredients and the platter! Becoming a chef is an excellent career but the life of a chef is not as glamorous as it is shown on the TV. This thriving service industry is always demanding dedicated and skilled professionals. But, the journey requires time, consistent hard work, and the optimistic personality because not everyone who steps into the kitchen is

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How to Become Chef in India: Here is Complete Career Guidance to become Chef in India

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How to Become Chef in India - Anyone with a passion for cooking and experimenting with recipes, chef is the ideal career prospects, especially in India. With multiple restaurants, catering services, luxury resorts and hotels mushrooming across the country, becoming a Chef in India is probably a lucrative and interesting career option to explore. Chef as a career is fast emerging as a preferred career choice in India. Although cooking doesn't require any strict training and learning but those who want to be the best chef in India could be well served by choosing a culinary degree in addition to

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An Industrial Visit to All India Radio, Kurseong

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Amidst the daily routine of attending classes, the students of Department of Media Science were taken for an insightful trip to All India Radio, Kurseong as a part of their industrial visit, on the 23 rd of July 2018. Located in between the hills with a wonderful Geography, the trip was bound to be eventful, full of fun and frolic. The main motives behind the trip were: Practical experience of the theoretical knowledge gained. Hands on training of equipments. Real time exposure of national level from colloquial grounds. Inculcating and developing a professional attitude. Motivation and encouragement for broadcast media.

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Career Options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering

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Career Options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering - The common notion in India is that majority of students with a PCM (Physics, Chemistry and maths) combination in class XII aspire to pursue engineering, and often struggle with the thought, “What next, if not engineering?” Students with PCM combination naturally drift towards engineering after 12th, some because they never really stop to explore their options, while rest are led by their parents/friends/the society to believe that engineering is the end-all, be-all of a PCM student. The interesting part is if you realise that engineering is not the one for


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