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Top BCA Colleges in Sikkim (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

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Sikkim is regarded as one of India's most beautiful states. The little Himalayan state is noted for its lush natural beauty, winding slopes, and clean environment. All of these factors have combined to make Sikkim one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. But apart from its natural beauty and just being a tourist destination, Sikkim is also known for its commitment to providing high-quality education. The state's literacy rate was 82.2 percent in 2011, according to the census. There is one Institute of National Importance, one central university, and four private universities in the state, all of

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Is Interior Design Course After 12th Commerce a Right Choice? Get Answer From Our Expert

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What is Interior Design? Interior design is the science and art of creating safe, functional spaces that are also aesthetically pleasing. It is a design process that employs both technical and aesthetic mechanisms. It is a skilled profession that entails research, space planning, construction management, site inspections, programming, communicating with project stakeholders, and design execution. Interior design is a type of art that can transform a space into an emotional space, a space that tells you a narrative and allows you to travel through time. You may make a space frigid or warm, friendly or comfortable, modern or mid-century, speak

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GST, Chartered Accountant CA, Accounting Course in Siliguri

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GST Chartered Accountant CA Accounting Course in Siliguri : Finance and accounting is something that runs through the core of every system whether big or small. From homes to small businesses, conglomerates to organizations and even government institutions finance and accounting is one of the most fundamental aspects. Something which is the core of the society is not as simple, it has been branched out to many forms, given different names along with numerous principles involved. Among the plethora of courses within the finance and accounting field let’s discuss some of them. GST - Goods and Services Tax is a

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Mass Communication and Journalism Colleges in Siliguri

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Mass Communication and Journalism Colleges in Siliguri The study of disseminating information to a large audience via various modes of communication is known as mass communication. Journalism is the activity of writing about current events for newspapers, magazines, and other publications. It has encompassed radio and television reporting. All together the whole subject of mass communication and journalism is also sometimes summarized as Media. The media, as one of the pillars of society/democracy, is one of the most unique and powerful tools. In an information-rich world, media or mass communication and journalism serve as gatekeepers, filtering information for society. It

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Best College for Hotel Management Course In Siliguri

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Hospitality Management Colleges in Siliguri Hospitality Management is one of the most popular courses among young people. Over the years, this vocational course has grown in popularity. This course was primarily included in the Hotel Management course when it was first introduced about a decade ago. As the course drew more students and the tourist and hospitality industries around the world grew, hospitality acquired a permanent place. It's only logical that the course is celebrated on its own, given how skill-oriented it is. Because tourism is such a big deal in North Bengal and the North East, a growing number

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