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It is a known fact that the worlds of high school and college are different from one another. There are parallels that can be drawn between the two. From childhood to adulthood, high school allows one to gain sense of what it will be like to be an adult.

College on the other hand allows one to take complete ownership of one’s time and responsibility of who one wants to become. If one is able to stay on track of the goal, being able to manage time and balance things, college is one of the most fun places to be present in.

One of the biggest changes is the amount of freedom coupled with much more responsibility. When one reaches their 30’s they are likely to look back at their college experience and wish they could do it all over again. Once in college there is no such thing as “un-cool”.

The Differences between High School and College are:

Being a First-Year Student:

Unlike high school where one is usually filled with anxiety, college prepares students with the orientation that builds a strong bond among class members. Many colleges offer additional orientation programs to foster relationships and make the transition easier from one life to the other.

Learning Environment:

Once in college one needs to address their teachers as either Professor or Dr., the Mr. or Ms. takes a back seat. One is expected to have an opinion on everything. One is no longer a passive learner who just sits and listens to a teacher and occasionally says things. One is expected to find out on their own what is important. Class participation and perspective along with analysis are the keys to success in the college learning environment.

One’s Social Life:

This is a balance that one can no longer rely on their parents for. All is now in one’s own hand. Being at college can be socially overwhelming. It is great to explore new surroundings and take advantage of social opportunities, it is also important to take time out for the actual job on hand, studies.


At High School level roommates are felt like an infringement to privacy but the first few weeks of college can be a lonely time because of being in a new place and surroundings. A roommate can be great company since they help adapt to the place. They can be banked upon in times of need and can share the costs of college life.

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Cultural Transition:

If one is anywhere other than a big city most of the friends are similar to the person. Until one gets to college it rarely occurs that life could be different. There is a quick transition to the fact that “normal” simply does not exist. One of the best things about college is the fact that one gets the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of cultures. It is a multicultural environment which one may not get an opportunity to have access to again.

It is a transition which when enjoyed can give some of the best moments in people’s lives. It is about accepting the change and enjoying every bit of it.

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