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The world of fashion management blends creativity and business expertise, offering exciting paths for those interested in fashion. Whether you love trends or strategy, a fashion management course equips you for diverse roles. This blog delves into key fashion department jobs and their potential salaries.

Job roles and salary after the fashion Management course

Post BSc Fashion Designing and Management, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue various job roles within the fashion industry. The specific roles and salaries can vary based on current job market conditions. Other factors also come to play such as your level of experience and the company’s size and location. Here are some potential job roles you might consider along with estimated salary ranges.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are the creative individuals who drive the creative process in the world of clothing and accessories. They possess a unique blend of artistic flair, technical skills, and a keen understanding of trends. Their work is much more than just sketching; it’s a multi-faceted journey from inspiration to the final creation.

Salary: The initial salary of a novice fashion designer can vary significantly. It depends on factors such as their place of employment and the reputation they hold within the industry. On average novices can expect to earn an annual income ranging from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 6 lakh. This range is influenced by different elements, including the geographical location of their workplace and the level of recognition they have managed to establish.

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Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists work closely with clients or photographers to understand their style, needs, or the image they want to convey. They select appropriate clothing and accessories and arrange outfits and fittings. Their job is to stay updated on current fashion trends and often collaborate with makeup artists and hair stylists. Fashion stylists possess a keen eye for fashion trends, colours, and textures.

Salary: Initially the starting annual salary usually falls within the range of Rs 4 to Rs 5 lakh. As professionals gain experience their earning potential tends to increase, with salaries ranging from Rs 7 to Rs 8 lakhs. This progression reflects the valuable skills they accumulate, leading to better compensation and recognition within their field.

Retail Store Manager

The retail store manager is responsible for managing and effectively running the daily activities within a fashion retail store. This encompasses a range of duties such as providing guidance and supervision to the staff, making sure that customers have a consistently exceptional experience, and reaching set sales goals. The role involves maintaining the seamless flow of operations, nurturing a positive and efficient work environment, and upholding the store’s performance to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Salary: Initially, the starting salary typically ranges from approximately Rs 3 to Rs 5 lakhs. As individuals accumulate years of work experience, their income has the potential to increase to a range of INR 10 – 12 lakhs.

Merchandising Manager

A merchandising manager plays a crucial role in the retail industry by overseeing the way products are presented and organized in physical stores or on online platforms, with the primary goal of maximizing sales and creating an appealing shopping experience for customers. It also involves a combination of strategic planning, collaboration, data analysis, and creative thinking.

Salary: In the Indian job market, the salary range for individuals working as merchandisers spans from ₹1.2 Lakhs to ₹7.0 Lakhs annually, with an average annual salary of approximately ₹3.5 Lakhs.

Fashion Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are essential in the fashion industry. They create and put in place plans to make fashion products more popular. Their main focus is on making the brand well-known, using online marketing, creating impactful ads, and engaging people on social media. Also, they help fashion brands succeed and get people interested in their products.

Salary: The salary for Marketing Managers in India exhibits a diverse range from ₹2.6 Lakhs to ₹25.0 Lakhs annually, with the average yearly remuneration settling at around ₹9.2 Lakhs. This wide are of compensation reflects the multifaceted nature of the role, where factors such as industry, company size, location, and an individual’s level of experience contribute significantly to their position within this salary bracket. 

Fashion PR

Fashion Public Relations (PR) entails a range of job roles within the fashion industry that focus on managing the public image and reputation of fashion brands, designers, and products. These roles are essential for creating a positive public image, building brand awareness, and building connections with media, influencers, and consumers. Fashion PR ensures that the right messages reach the right audiences, making them an important part of the fashion industry.

Salary: For recent graduates, the average annual salary usually falls within the range of INR 2,00,000 to INR 4,50,000. It’s worth noting that these salaries can vary based on factors such as the geographical location of the job. Other factors such as specific organization, and the candidate’s educational background also determine.


Embarking on a journey in fashion management opens doors to a world of creativity, innovation, and business excellence. The diverse roles within the fashion department offer varying challenges and rewards, and the salaries reflect the impact of your contributions. As you navigate this exciting landscape, remember that dedication, skill development, and a passion for fashion can lead you to a fulfilling and prosperous career in fashion management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do fashion management after the 12th?

Yes, you can pursue a career in fashion management after completing 12th grade by enrolling in a relevant bachelor’s degree program, such as BSc Fashion Desiging and Management, Fashion Merchandising or Fashion Business Management. This will open up opportunities in areas like retail management, marketing, and merchandising within the fashion industry.

What’s the difference between fashion management and fashion design?

Fashion management is about managing the business aspects of the fashion industry, while fashion design involves the creative process of designing clothing and accessories. Both fields play important roles in the fashion world, but they have different focuses and skill sets.
Fashion Management:
Focus: Fashion management primarily deals with the business side of the fashion industry.
Skills: Skills in business, marketing, finance, and management are crucial for success in fashion management.
Fashion Design:
Focus: Fashion design is centered on the creative aspects of fashion, particularly designing clothing and accessories.
Skills: Creativity, artistic skills, pattern-making, sewing, and a deep understanding of textiles are essential for fashion designers.

Which is better fashion design or fashion merchandising?

Designers are responsible for conceiving new clothing concepts and innovating unique products for the industry. On the other hand, merchandisers curate from existing clothing lines and choose finished products for sale. Merchandisers typically earn a higher average income than designers and often require advanced education for job opportunities.

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