Collaborative Financial Inclusion Survey – University of Pennsylvania and NITTE University with Inspiria Knowledge Campus

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How important it is for a student to explore and gain practical experience and knowledge related to any subject that they choose for themselves to build an excellent career – quite much! Keeping this in mind, Inspiria Knowledge Campus collaborated with the Research Team of University of Pennsylvania and NITTE University, Mangalore who initiated a field work for the students of BBA and BMS. The Research was about Digital Banking in the rural areas. In total, 33 students were taken to perform the same, which was headed by Mr. Dan Heist from the University of Pennsylvania and …. along with Asst Prof. Anil Philip from the BBA Department and Asst Prof. Taqui Haider from the BMS Department of the Inspiria Knowledge Campus itself. The entire team was very enthusiastic and the fun was about to begin.

The task commenced with punctuality and discipline and all the students adhered to abide by the rules. The Pro Vice Chancellor of the NITTE University inaugurated with an inspiring speech and explained the students about the program with his team. A set of questionnaires were handed to the students which consisted of more than 200 questions. Each individual was asked to approach the villagers and get as many respondents as possible. The questions were all related to digital banking, concerning about the reach and awareness of the usage of technology for digital transactions in the rural areas.

The first day began with an astounding spirit. Everybody was curious to know about the location of the survey. Progressively, the team arrived at their first location by bus. The name of the village was Farabari. The entire team scattered to accumulate maximum number of responses from the locals.They faced difficulties to walk from one place to another and dealt with the villager’s varied moods and reactions.

After much hard work and intense struggle, food is all that you long for hence bananas, sandwiches, muffins for lunch revived everybody and kept the task going. The results were mesmerising, around 180 questionnaires were filled on the first day itself and we were very close to the target of getting 300 respondents in 2 days. No doubt it was a hectic day but, the achievement compensated for the same.
Day two was more relaxing and exciting as the students were taken to a nearby village where they had to meet only 120 respondents which did not seem difficult at all. The second day continued following the same structure with same dedication and maximum efforts. Not so surprisingly, the team could accomplish more than the target by receiving 400 plus respondents in total.

Therefore, there were many fun moments to cherish throughout the program and the results were commendable. All together it was a success, both for the students, teachers and the researchers as they had a great experience and enjoyed to the fullest.

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