Important things to keep in mind while preparing for Board Exams

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January means its countdown to the board exams of Class X and XII! The selection tests are over and for intermediate students, these are the final days of school life! What tensed students need at this time is a bit of friendly advice – tips which could go a long way in ensuring that the first hurdles of life sail through in a smooth manner.

First, students should bear it in mind that this is not a “Make or Break” test as most people make it out to be! While all efforts should be made to achieve the best one can, the world does not end if you do not get your 90+ percent. Take a look at the teeming crowd in a city mall or a railway station – be sure that most of them did not get 90 percent in their Boards! Yet so many of them are successful!

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Second, remember that sitting at your desk and “learning” and “memorizing” is not what you should be doing now! Rather sit back, relax, detect your weak errors and carefully revise your lessons in a calm manner. Instead of reading or writing at a stretch for hours what you should do is keep thinking about the topics if you have read every time. Reflection is the key to retention. Watching a fast action movie to relax after eight hours of study means you will have forgotten half the things you studied at the end of the show.

Third, avoid night study as much as you can. At this stage when examinations are just a few days away, you need a lot of sleep. Also, avoid too much of socializing and moving around. Solitude helps you to focus better.

Do keep in mind to make a reasonable assessment of your capabilities and expectations. Remember life offers opportunities for all. All you need is a little hard work and perseverance.

Toppers are not necessarily the only hallmarks of success. Hard work is!

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