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It is the psychological affairs within a personality that distinguishes one from the other. One day is equal to 86,400 seconds in which the earth rotates once with a mass of approx 6X10^24 kg then why can’t one control a mind which is merely 1.4kg? If the sun and the earth would have been inconsistent with their pattern, can one really think that they would have been able to do things as they were happening? The earth works persistently and consistently despite the mass it carries, to rotate, once a day. As a result, we experience seasons and other similar natural occurring.

Similarly, it is now time for students to understand that every single time that they have now is very vital. ISC students barely have one month to go, while the CBSE students have around one and a half months. So if one doesn’t start preparing now and wait for the last moment, it will be very late due to the gaps developed in the period. As such, it becomes important to understand to how to control the 1.4kg mind, which if once controlled, solves the entire problem. So why can’t one control the mind? It’s because one has too many things that one wants to do in excess be it video-gaming, social media use, playing, sleeping, chatting or shopping. These are things which deprive a student of focusing so one has to learn to control. Anything taking the mind beyond is actually distracting.

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Time management becomes important for the students in the upcoming 1-1.5 months for exams. Controlling a mind, therefore, is important and it is indeed not a difficult task. Imagining to join certain premium institutes through achieving good grades, while studying, actually concludes that one doesn’t have control over the mind. It is in fact, the future stress that one is undergoing which leads to such imagination. It means that the student is focusing on that particular moment and not the future. How does the student stop assuming then? The solution is simple. One must stop relating its imagination of admissions with his/her social status. It is not the time to think of making parents proud but rather to cope up with the “restricted time” or the limited time before the boards. One should not just simply “go to the future”. The stress leads to a positive aspect and a negative aspect of thought process. Thinking of getting admitted to a good university and at the same time, being skeptical regarding the performance of board exams are both hypothetical situations, which are not practical at the moment. “Being where you are” makes one practical. For example, reading a chapter on ‘Electromagnetism’ is being there and reading it instead of imagining to apply it somewhere in numerical or practical life. This is what controlling the mind is all about i.e., to be there at the moment and when one understands that, the negativity has to be removed. The thought process made towards a particular subject say Maths or Physics makes it difficult.

At the basic stages of education, one has no idea of A, B, C, D or 1,2,3,4. So things become difficult because students tend to run away from it. Escaping instead of Practising during the academic year as much as possible may initially lead to short-term happiness and the ignorance, in turn, leads to stress in the end. The ultimate time left for the exams is definitely not for stress. Stress is nothing but a creation of the mind, when one doesn’t control the mind! So the students must decide to face the situation, get close to their books, understanding their need and moving with the attitude of learning and applying them so that they learn. Changing the attitude towards the subject converts the difficulty level to one’s advantage. Attitude defines an individual. One cannot expect love from their parents if he/she hates them. At some point, they will get annoyed and shout back. What you give is what you get policy towards the subjects too is applicable in an apt manner. Respecting, liking, welcoming, applying the subject brings the subject closer to the subject. The priority should be to control the mind and not to waste time.

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Setting and understanding one’s priority is important. Video games and shopping should be the last priority. The mindset and priority to finish a particular topic can do wonders, so it is important to prioritize. The gaps given in between the exams is not the time to prepare but to revise and recall. As such, the ones who will be waiting for the last moment will only regret. So, let’s start now!

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