iPad is positioned to become the key computer in International education, at the least in high school education. The iPad is extremely portable, lighter than any textbook fitting easily on any student desk.

Apple is already selling iPads to schools for a discount, Demand for iPads is exceeding availability of the devices. Its operating system still beats the competition. We see Android and Web OS phones in the very near future but that competition will only force Apple to make the iPhone and iPad. In future iPads to remove the need to hook up to a personal computer for the transfer of data. Every teacher using laptop, and the idea is that classrooms can be mobile and flexible. Book rental and replacement is an issue. eBooks are the solution. Eliminated costs of printing and shipping from the educational textbook industry, industry make profit. We need to educate students to make use of iPad during class to do things for iPad theft – students need to charge iPads before attending classes.

It’s early to move “all in” on the iPad in education, but every individual need to start thinking now, before the tablet revolution takes them by surprise. At the least, they should be opening their policies to allow students who own the technology to bring it to school and use it writing papers and research. It is technology to embrace, not to fear–because the iPad will help education advance in all subject’s to the next generation level.