Public Relations: an exciting career for aspiring media graduates

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 Public relations – an exciting career option for media science graduates and postgraduates in today’s global interactive digital era. Anyone having potential and skill to communicate and convince effectively may opt for a career in Public Relation which has emerged as a booming career option with the focus primarily shifting on client servicing, branding, publicity and promotion among organizations ensuring openings for talented prospective media students. As more and more companies are striving towards a global presence, the need for strategic communications grows daily, since public relations deals with the intangible value of the organization or individual that the public holds.

After completing an undergraduate course, you may choose to pursue a specialised degree or diploma in public relations for a better academic understanding of the field. A typical Public Relations course teaches basic principles of the profession, techniques to negotiate, management skills, writing skills, planning campaigns and strategising. Other skills include teaching survey methods, marketing techniques and consumer research.

Some reputed Institutes across India offering PR programmes include Symbiosis Institute of Communication, Pune, Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi, Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), Ahmedabad.

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The Role of Public Relations in Maintaining Positive Stakeholder Relations

The growth for PR professionals can be stated as phenomenal. Considering the fact that there are numerous Media channels, Business establishments, IT companies and BPOs/KPOs, the need for PR professionals in the market is at an all-time high. Other similar subjects include corporate communications, technical communication and so on. Considering that these are all interwoven subjects, a PR professional can succeed in any field if he has passion and willingness to learn more about time.

To achieve success and fulfill their potential in the field, aspiring candidates need to possess effective and positive communication skills, as well as be skilled writers, journalists, public speakers, and media-savvy cold callers who are well-versed in pop culture and current events. When a serious situation arises which might harm the image of the client, the PRO needs to effectively restore the image of the client or industry and re-instill faith in the media and public.

Every government or private corporate entity has a separate public relations wing which primary objective is to monitor, evaluate and maintain mutual relations and understanding with its various stakeholders to make sure everything is operating smoothly in the company and in situations of crisis too it helps to resolve and mediate problems. It often acts as a bridge and liaison between different departments, management and employees of an organization. It is a profession where you need to have a thorough understanding of the listener’s psyche in order to achieve the desired results.

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