Dept. of Media Science organised a Two Day Workshop with Colors, Viacom 18

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A riveting two days workshop on Planning, Budgeting and Revenue Management in Audio Visual Media was organised by the Department of Media Science, Inspiria Knowledge Campus on 5th and 6th of February, 2018. The session was conducted by Mr Sangram Acharya, Planning and Revenue Management of Colors, Viacom 18. He shared a valuable experience of the media industry and discussed on a range of topics such as SCO, TRP, GRP, client relations, recent trends in advertising, etc and popular advertising and PR campaigns were also evaluated.

The day 1 session incorporated discussion on TRP calculation, revenue generation and the break-up of budgets for audio-visual media. Furthermore, different entertainment beats were discussed along with subsidiary factors such as live voting and prime time shows. It mainly focused on the TRP issues and promotional factors that uphold a channel, shows and advertisements.

The day 2 session comprised of primarily on planning and implementation. Brief ideas were given regarding TRP, GRP and CPRP calculation methods. It gave a clear idea of a show’s popularity as well as it’s reach and frequency. An overview of advertising and PR campaigns were provided accompanied by visual clips. Difference between advertising and PR campaigns were put forward by Mr Sangram.

A generalised concept of branding was provided. He illuminated on how a brand re-positions itself incorporating PR tools. The sessions were extremely interactive and engaging. An elaborate discussion was held on the different career options available in the media industry for students to explore. It inculcated an overall view of the different media fields and how the industry functions.

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