Why you should choose a Degree in Media Science?

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In a country like India, where media is treated like a person and there is Freedom of Speech and Expression, media science plays a crucial role as a development agent in a society that is still developing compared to the Western world. Media  is one of the largest industries in the world today

What is Media Science?

Media Science or Mass Communication and Journalism is a degree course in the field of Mass Media. It means everything from radio, newspaper, television and the internet. This degree gained popularity in the 1980s but it has grown in leaps and bounds since then. Media Science or Mass Communication can be treated as a general subject but specific areas such as advertising, Public Relations, Event Management, etc. is also covered by it.

Why Media Science?

A Bachelor in Media Science (BMSC) Degree opens up new avenues in jobs for people from all walks of life. We often relate it only to reporters and journalists in newspapers, television (audio-visual) media and radio (audio) media. But that is not the only job that people with degrees in Mass Communication or Media Science do.

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Skills To Be Learnt

Success in this field of Media Science depends on the individual and their determination, dedication to do well in the particular field. To work in the media sector it is very important that one develops a portfolio of work and gains as much experience as possible. One can learn the ability to work with flexibility and fixed deadlines. The skill of working as a team is also developed. One can also learn the skill of photography. As the saying goes: ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’.

Career Prospects

After completing a course in Media Science there are a lot of opportunities for people in various industries. The job and career opportunities diversify for the people who have a degree in mass communication. People can work as Broadcast Journalists, Fashion and Freelance Photographers, News Anchors, Public Relations Officers, Market Researchers, etc.

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Future Options

After completing a Bachelor Degree in Media Science one can go ahead and do their Master Degree in Media Science itself. They also have the prospect of doing professional degree courses in Digital Photography, Digital Marketing, Become Faculty Members, Work as Public Relations Professionals, etc.


In order to do well in this field one needs to have a knack to work as a team along with the ability to work to deadlines and to be flexible. The ability and knowledge to handle a camera are an added advantage. One needs to have a nose for news, i.e., the ability to differentiate between what is news and what is not news. Above all having good communication skills is also a necessity.

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