Importance Of Sports In Education And It’s Booming Career Prospects

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Sports education is slowing growing into a top trending vocation in India. Apart from the thrill and adventure of serving in the sports sector, another factor has made this sector excitingly prospective. It is growing into a mega industry involving billions of dollars.

Once upon a time sports was all about games – competition, fun, prizes and keeping yourself fit. Now no more. Today sports means big, big money. Be it baseball, boxing, football, cricket or golf – millions of dollars are at stake in any international or national level event. Successful sport stars are millionaires and some billionaires.

This just illustrates how sports education in India have graduated from being government sponsored events to a multi-billion industry. Today we have a number of big sports events in the annual calendar which are money spinning events too such as Indian Premier League, Hockey Premier League, Indian Super league, Pro Kabaddi league. The earning comes mainly from ticket sales, TV broadcast rights and sale of space commercial billboards and hoardings displayed on the ground.

One aspect of sports management deals exclusively with the professional organizing of sports event – local, regional, national or international. The hundreds of things related to event management, its logistics and timely execution are handled by sports managers.

The other aspect is the liaison of the sports sector with the corporate world. Without corporate support or endorsement sports will; not survive today or at least not acquire the global reach that it has now. Sports managers need to promote an event, market it and arrange the sponsorships.

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Yet another aspect of sports managers is to manage a sports celebrity. A top baseball star, footballer, boxer, tennis star or even cricketer earns hundreds of crores of rupees. Each celebrity is an industry in his/her own right. And he or she needs professional managers to handle his/her commercial dealings, endorsements, Public Relations.

The Bachelor of Sports Management UG degree course prepares undergraduates for a lucrative career in the sports sector. The course covers the various aspects of business in sports, including promotion, event management, revenue generation, ticket sales and marketing. Students are introduced to the nuances pertaining to managing sports events, finance, and other business aspects. They also gain insight to the various activities involved in sports and develop skills such as time-management, teamwork and data-analysis.

Sports Management graduates are hired as Management Trainee, Sports Instructor, Procurement Manager, Sports Nutritionist and several other areas dealing with sports merchandise, advertising, sports management industry and media companies, to mention a few. Sports Management graduates earn salary packages ranging from INR 2 to 9 Lacs per annum.

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