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How To Select the Right BBA College

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Choosing the right college for a BBA Degree Programme has never been an easy task for students wishing to pursue a career in management studies. Most colleges promise quality education and associated amenities to draw the attention of students into their fold. But during the course, many realise that they have not made well-informed choices regarding the colleges that they have chosen and therefore their careers are compromised. To get the utmost benefit from a BBA Degree Programme students must first draw attention and focus on the following: What is the level and quality of courses being taught Are members

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Peter Drucker – The Father of Management

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Peter Drucker known as the 'Father of Management', born in Vienna, Austria on November 19, 1909 was born into a household which was of great intellectual ferment. His parents Adolph and Caroline were intellectuals who entertained intellectual gathering at their home with economist, politicians, musicians, writers, scientists etc. Peter referred to these gatherings as his venue for education. Due to less opportunity for employment in Vienna, he moved to Hamburg, Germany. He initially worked as a trainee at a cotton trading company and then served as a journalist, writing for Der Österreichische Volkswirt. Drucker, then, shifted to Frankfurt and took

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Why BBA from Inspiria Knowledge Campus?

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BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) is one of the most sought after career option for someone looking to get into management. This course is three year degree course at the under graduate level where in one will be taught in depth knowledge and skills of International Business, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Information System and Insurance. Students opting for BBA will enhance their managerial and business skills more over they will also be able to strengthen their communication, Entrepreneurial and technological skills on completion of the degree. Primary focus will be more on core field of Management, Finance and Human Resource,