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Reaching For The Sky

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All second year BHM students of Inspiria have been awarded internship placements at top star hotel brands in Pune and Bangalore If you are a student pursuing hotel or hospitality management course, a six month internship at a top five star hotel in a leading Indian metro city would be like a dream! For hospitality management students at Inspiria this is indeed, a reality. It makes us truly happy to announce that not one or two but each and every second year student of Inspiria's Bachelor of Hospitality Management batch has been awarded an internship at a top hotel brand

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Feel The Good Times in Hospitality Sector | Career & Growth

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The hospitality Industry offers a wide range of thrilling career options Have you ever wondered why guest relation executives in posh hotels or cabin crew attendants inside a plane look so smart. Their body language seems just about perfect, their smiles measured and their bearings dignified. You hardly find them groping for the right word when they speak and their conversation displays true class. They never, indeed never ask you to “get out of the plane” when you arrive at your destination, nor do they ask you to “sit down and tie on your safety belts!” Rather they ask you

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