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The hospitality Industry offers a wide range of thrilling career options

Have you ever wondered why guest relation executives in posh hotels or cabin crew attendants inside a plane look so smart. Their body language seems just about perfect, their smiles measured and their bearings dignified. You hardly find them groping for the right word when they speak and their conversation displays true class. They never, indeed never ask you to “get out of the plane” when you arrive at your destination, nor do they ask you to “sit down and tie on your safety belts!” Rather they ask you to “kindly deplane” when you arrive or “take your seats and fasten your seat belts” during take-off. These seemingly “little” gestures make a world of difference to your journey or your stay in a luxury hotel.

What many of us fail to notice is that it takes years of training and grooming to acquire the skills so badly required in the hospitality industry – currently the fastest growing sector in the Indian market. Hospitality covers a wide range of services spread across different segments such as the hotel management, aviation sector, the luxury hospital sector, the travel and tourism sector, the resorts industry, luxury cruise services and so on.

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Whether it’s a small booking outlet or a large five star hotel, people working there in various job functions are required to have degrees/diplomas in the hotel and hospitality stream. Within this sector you have the choice of a multiple job options such as front desk services, ticketing and reservations, guest relations, housekeeping, kitchen, F&B service, sales and marketing as well as human resources.

Needless to say the working environment is fabulous and will specially attract those drawn towards a 5-star lifestyle. As one of the cabin crew in an airline, you will be flying high most of the day and living in the best hotels across different cities at night. In the guest relations department, you will get opportunities to socialize with the rich and the famous while the F&B section exposes you to the best of multinational cuisines you wish to enjoy.

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So to those of you who passed their plus two boards – do you aim for the high life? If yes, then the Bachelor of Hospitality Management at Inspiria Knowledge Campus is the course for you!

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