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Avik Agarwal – Entrepreneur in the making!

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Avik as his name suggest does not fear the obstacles that come his way. He is the native of Siliguri and the first year BBA student of Inspiria Knowledge Campus. If asked to describe him we can say that he is lazy, shy, friendly, moody and a foodie person. He is a fun loving person who loves to travel and explore the world and he loves to do it with his friends. A very emotional person who feel that he is unfortunate to be a single child. In a world where people fight with their own blood it's great to

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Efugen 2.0 North Bengal Entrepreneurship Summit

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Few months back, Young Indians Siliguri Chapter organised Efugen - Entrepreneurship Future Generation, An Entrepreneurship Workshop with Mr Deepak Kumar Khaitan who is a fellow Member at Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). During the workshop, Mr Khaitan urged the participants to act upon ones ideas through practical approach. The workshop focused on learning to manage creativity and understand the journey from business idea to business incubation.  Following the success of Efugen 1.0, with participation of budding entrepreneurs from several different industry sectors, Yi Siliguri has planned to take it to a whole new level with Efugen 2.0 -

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Inspirians Making it to the Finals!

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The Inspiria team reached the finals in the CII organized Yu-Start Business Ideas Contest! The final round of the Best Business Ideas Contest organized by YuStart was held in Bangalore on the 25th and 26th of September, 2015. We are happy to announce that the team from Inspiria Knowledge Campus named BYE-LOADS not only made the institution proud but also made the entire state proud by becoming one of the best five teams to reach the final. Earlier on the 25th they had crossed the semi-final round where 12 teams had participated. Read About Team Bye Loads at YuStart 15

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A Session with Mumbai’s Dabbawalas!

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Meeting Masters Of Supply Chain Management The Siliguri chapter of CII's Young Indians group organized a special interactive session with Mumbai's Dabbawalas on the 19th of September. The event was a great success as several business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs attended the programme and learnt all about the practical wisdom and skills of Mumbai Dabbawalas and their day-to-day experiences in Mumbai streets. Indeed, the Dabbawalas have rich heritage of 125 years and have been appreciated across the business world. The main speaker on the occasion was Dr Pawan G. Agarawal who has even written a book on the Dabbawala's highly acclaimed

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Welcoming the Dabbawalas of Mumbai to Siliguri

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NB: This event is completely organized by Young Indians Siliguri & Inspiria is only an associate sponsor to this event. Remember the “dabbawallas” of Mumbai – the excellent team of nearly 5000 highly dedicated and committed lunch box (or dabbas) delivery team who deliver around 200000 lunch boxes to the workplaces of office/factory workers in the afternoon and return the empty boxes in the evening. They do the work with amazing skill and precision with the error rate being one in eight million. Now that's a mind-boggling piece of statistic by any standards! Much has been said about Mumbai's now

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